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Sugar Equivalents

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Hi all. I just made my first Tofu Peanut Butter pie. Recipe called for 1/2 cup of sugar. After sitting in the fridge overnight, I tried my first piece. I noticed a gritty feel. I'm taking it that the sugar did not dissolve completely.

Without affecting the consistency, would it be possible to use 1/2 cup of light brown sugar or 3/4 cup of powdered sugar just so I can get the sugar to dissolve? :confused:

Also, the pie is kind of heavy/dense. Any suggestions on how to lighten it up? Cool whip?

12 oz. Firm Silken Tofu
2/3 cup peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup melted chocolate chips (cooled)

Blend all, pour into pie shell, chill overnight for flavors to blend.

Thanks for any help. :roll::bounce:
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The sugar will not dissolve without water, period. Use icing sugar instead.
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Maybe you could try using honey instead of granulated sugar??
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Powdered sugar is pulverized sugar with a dessicant such as corn starch added to keep it from clumping.

Brown sugar is just plain white sugar plus a little molasses.

Powdered sugar will actually work smoother, so will bartender's aka superfine aka caster sugar.

If you want to avoid sugar grit completely, your best bet may be to make a very sweet simple syrup by dissolving 3 cups of caster sugar in 1 cup of water and using that. It will thin the ultimate product but with that much tofu and pb, it should still be plenty firm.

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Como se dice Splenda?
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Hay tres tipas de Splenda. Una en paquetes no es bueno para cocinar, especialmente hornear. La secunda, en cajas o bolsas ya es igual con azucar, y el tercero con 50% azucar es igual para hornear. Entonce hace un jarabe con una de las dos tipas adecuadas.

Pues, taco... ?Porque hablamos Espanol? Escribeste y entiendes Ingles, no?

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