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Tomatoes OK?

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Are tomatoes okay now - seeing a lot of them in resturants :lol:
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is this a sarcastic thread, or are you serious?

its hard to read people on the net ;)

on the day that whole tomato scare happend, it was like 7am, and i had just chomped down a large hand full of diced roma tomatoes that were left over from the night guys prep. they tasted good, and still looked great since he'd only cut them like 10 hours before. then one of the sous chefs came over to me and said "get rid of all the romas on your line... throw them all away... there has been an outbeak of...".

nice timing eh. :lol:

later i think it was determined that the infected tomatoes came from mexico, and we get ours from canada.
i could be wrong on that... either way, i was fine, and so were the customers from the previous night...as far as i know.
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Interesting. We get ours from the US and Mexico. That's pretty messed up....
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