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How many apetizers do I need for 60 people?
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How much will they eat?
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If having mulitiple apps, I usually figure a minimum of 3-4 different apps for a party, and 1/ person, so 180-240 DIFFERENT ones for you. Some won't like a certain one, while others will take 2+ of the ones they like. I hate having too many leftover ones, as you don't want them to fill up on apps prior to the main meal.

Depends on what you're planning on doing for the whole party though.
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Well, it's kind of tough for this question...

As this totally related with those peoples "Appetite", if they the types of person that love appetizers more than the main meal, than you should be prepared more for them.
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Having been doing this in many different types of places over the last 40 years. I have come to an average based on type and time period of reception. Example here in Palm Beach where I deal with the upper and high income and cocktails are served for 30 to 45 minutes I average 3 to 4 per person. In New York I average 6 per person per hour. Naturally if its men only you will need more woman less. If they know dinner is to follow you will use less.If not they figure this is all their getting to eat and they consume more. Ethnics as well as age groups also has a lot to do with amount you will use, as well as types of apps. As you can see there are a lot of variables.
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