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F D & C Yellow #5, also known as Tartrazine, appears in the ingredient list of Vlasic pickles and some pepperoncini that I bought. Who needs this garbage in our food!? Why is it there? (Yes, I know it's a food coloring, but there's no need for it as far as I'm concerned).

A little Googling brings up this citation:
Tartrazine appears to cause the most allergic and intolerance reactions of all the azo dyes, particularly among asthmatics and those with an aspirin intolerance. Symptoms from tartrazine sensitivity can occur by either ingestion or cutaneous exposure to a substance containing tartrazine.

A variety of immunologic responses have been attributed to Tartrazine ingestion, including anxiety, migraines, clinical depression, blurred vision, itching, general weakness, heatwaves, feeling of suffocation, purple skin patches, and sleep disturbance. Some claim to experience symptoms of tartrazine sensitivity even at extremely small doses, and up to 72 hours after exposure. In children, asthma attacks and hives have been claimed, including supposed links to thyroid tumors, chromosomal damage, hives, and hyperactivity.
If even half of this is true, it's completely irresponsible to be adding this junk to our food. This is a perfect example of one reason why I try to stay away from most commercial foods.

How many people carefully read the labels on the products they buy, and look up exactly what the ingredients are and how those ingredients may effect them? I usually do, and in this case, by trusting the company name on the label, and not reading the label carefully, I got snookered. Feh! I won't be buying their pickles and pickled products again.