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I found this recipe while searching online ONCE AGAIN for a yellow cake recipe.  I can't tell you how many yellow cakes I have made only to be disappointed over and over.  I just could NOT get the texture that I wanted..they were too dry, too crumbly, tasted too much like pancakes, too it!  I had to join to tell you how much I loved this recipe. I made this today for my brother's birthday.  The cake was delicous!!  Finally I have found a great, moist yellow cake!  Thank you so much!!  KEEPER!!!  I can't wait to try it with other frostings, cos the chocolate one I made today was not my favorite!

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hey their


You must have been so excted when you finally made the cake perfectly well congradulatons on that.


So can I get a slice or it must be all gone well too bad for me (good job)


Do you have a recipe you can share?


have a a great day and keep on baking



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ChefJake, this yellow cake recipe first posted by BettyR is the easiest I have ever made, not to mention delicious!! And you’re right, it’s GONE!!  My husband wasn’t kidding when he told me, “that cake will be polished off in nothing flat”.  I used the recipe for the frosting on the back of the Hersey’s Cocoa container. YUM-O!!  

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Very nice, well if you have more recipes your doing please keep us all posted on the progress


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Betty R, this recipe is awesome! I grew up on homemade birthday cake, but always longed for the the texture of box cake! This recipe has it! The only thing I changed was to decrease the milk to 1 cup and add oil to make 1 1/3 cups of liquid. This cake was devoured by me and my eight siblings and mother who all proclaimed it one of the best birthday cakes ever! We have tried over 15 yellow cake recipes and none of them has come close to this in texture! If you are looking for a homemade yellow cake with a box cake mix texture then search no futher because this is the one! It also held up very well to a traditional powdered sugar buttercream frosting.
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For those that are large into baking cakes can you please explain to me what exactly does vinegar do for a cake?

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Diana...that is exactly how I felt!!!  I searched and searched for the perfect recipe.  I totally agree with you, so I just had to say how right you are!!  redface.gif

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Hi, Your cake looks mouth watering! Thanks for posting your recipe.  I'll let my daughter have a go at it - she is just getting into making cakes (cooking is more my thing).

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Good afternoon, this post is directed to BettyR <OR, and Hoorayforcupcakes


     I made this cake again today.

Was going to make it two weeks ago but had no umph to do anything in the kitchen.


     Today I used 2 8X10 rectangle cake pans.

I wanna use one of them for Saturday for a function and wanted one for home tonight for dessert.


     Although I liked the looks of the chocolate frosting recipe I saw on here for extra dark chocolate frosting I tweeked it just a bit. Since I had recently bought a box of chocolate powdered sugar, I used that for the powdered sugar called for + used 1/2 cup of my Rogers Extra Dark baking cocoa too, I wanted it very very chocolatety. 


     This frosting is ridiculously delicious.  I am very thankful for the cake recipe, now that I've figured it out, and this wonderful Idea for frosting too, thanks all or both

for posting.


     Tonight, my family will be very happy.wink.gif

...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
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I de-frosted the dozen cupcakes from this recipe that I put into reserve and they are GREAT!!  and they're already GONE!!



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Originally Posted by Longcolts View Post

For those that are large into baking cakes can you please explain to me what exactly does vinegar do for a cake?

Yea know, I'm new back to baking after an extremely long break, and that is an interesting question.

I can't say that I have ever seen a recipe that calls for vinegar, could you share that one?


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both baking powder and baking soda react with acids (vinegar) to provide leavening.  My wife has a recipe she got from her mother called crazy cocoa cake which uses vinegar and it is really good.

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ChefJohn213, do you think that your wife would share that recipe?  Sounds like a winner.

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Originally Posted by ChefJohn213 View Post

both baking powder and baking soda react with acids (vinegar) to provide leavening.  My wife has a recipe she got from her mother called crazy cocoa cake which uses vinegar and it is really good.



Thank you Chef.


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I tried this recipe and it looks just like your picture and taste soooo good. my husband says we will no longer buy boxed cakes. Thanks so much

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OMG ! this cake looks delish. Can't wait to make it with my G-Babies. Thanks so much.

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I'll try to remember to get it from her

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we had people over for dinner last weekend and i bought a bakery cake...

no where near as good as this cake!!

and boxed mixes, never again!!

if you own a stand mixer, this cake recipe is so easy, dump and mix, that's it

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 this is the best from rub yellow baked cake I have ever made and I’ve made a couple of in my time. It’s moist and tender with a magnificent taste and it’s furthermore very so straightforward to make. I was furthermore very joyous with how well it kept. So numerous of the from rub baked cakes that I’ve made in the past would proceed stale after a day or two, they were not ever as good as the day they were made. 

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Oh my, that looks like I need to make it right now!!! YUMMY!!!

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Ok, let me start by saying I have been baking for 35 years and I own my own baking business. With that said, for SEVERAL years I have been looking for the perfect from scratch yellow/vanilla cake and I never found one that was quite right. Either it was too dry,too heavy, wrong texture, taste was off, whatever. Until now, Betty (if I may) This cake is perfection!!! Velvety soft but firm enough to withstand Fudge frosting, Cream cheese frosting, Buttercream and a poured ganache, Yes I tried it with each type. I made cupcakes and a cake. Despite what others have said. The crumb is in fact perfect. You cannot judge a cake by a picture. Bake it first, then judge by your own results. This will forever be the wonderful yellow cake that walks out of my bakery door. Thanks again for posting this recipe. Now I see why people were offering to pay for it. :0) 

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It’s this better than any other yellow cake you’ve ever had?  I can see how you would be able to sell this cake/cupcake out of your shop.  My Mother -in-law always swore by her recipe from JOY OF COOKING, but this beats it hands down.  I’ve had the Cook’s Illustrated recipe for the longest time.  Now we need a taste off. My birthday is in a few weeks, we'll need another cake. (Just looking for any excuse to have cake)  I'm In!!

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I'll have to admit I'm not a cake eater either just as one poster said.  I'm diabetic so just don't eat desserts period.  -But- I sometimes have to bring treats to work for birthdays and what-not so would like to try this recipe.  It must be good from all the feedback I'm reading.  Can't wait to try it.  Now here is a tip that maybe everyone already knows about already but a friend of mine swears by freezing cakes before frosting and serving them.  Any kind of cake too (box or made from scratch).  She swears it changes it somehow and it's much more moist and good.  I've not put that to the test but maybe some of you can and let me know if it does work.  Thanks for the cake recipe...oh and the frosting.  Will give both a try.

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I agree with your friend. I ALWAYS freeze my cakes. Right out of the oven I put a sheet of plastic wrap on my cooling rack, wait 10 min. or so then flip the cake onto the plastic covered cooling rack. I wrap it completely and pop it in the freezer for at least 24 hours. I believe in this so much I have an entire upright freezer dedicated just for this purpose! I find the heavier the cake i.e. carrot, banana, oatmeal, the moister. Try it, you will be amazed. I never did understand why people flip their cakes out on the racks and leave them there. You literally watch most of the moisture  evaporate out of the cake. wrapping it right away seals it in.   

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So AnneJoseph, are you saying that the cakes or wrap in plastic wrap while they are still warm?

And then put in the freezer warm as well? 

Do you defrost before icing or while still frozen? 

Will this also reduce the exterior crumb prior to frosting? 

So many questions...

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Yes, I wrap them when still warm, and pop them in the freezer while still warm. Some don't agree with this next step but, yes, I frost while still frozen. I have never had a cake "sweat" doing this method. As far as crumbs, well I usually crumb coat my cakes anyway. If you are not familiar with crumb coating it's frosting your cake with a thinner coat of frosting. At this point I put it back in the fridge to "settle" and possibly crust, if you are using crusting buttercream. Then when you are ready for the final coat you have no crumbs because they are sealed into the first coat. It sounds like a lot of work but the end result is a beautifully frosted cake with no crumbs.hope this helps :0)


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...and annejoseph, you use these techniques in your bakery?

I may be asking too many questions, but I'm back in to baking, I laid off for oh probably 30 years... 

we had my Mother over the other night and she even made a comment to her friends who came with her,

"you are an excellent baker, you used to make alot of goodies, why don't you do that anymore?" 

So I choose to start with CAKE!!!

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I am sure anxious now to bake this cake and freeze/frost it.  Thanks for the confirmation on this technique.  I always wondered too how to frost a cake with out having crumbs everywhere.  I'll try the crumb coating as well.  I love this website.  I learn something every day on here!

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I'm new to the site .. and an aussie ;) but just wanted to say this cake is INCREDIBLE. It was moist, perfect texture, taste and iced perfectly.
Thank you so much to the OP

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Ok, so I already commented on this when I first discovered it and LOVED it after I made it as a cake.  Yesterday I made cupcakes with this recipe, and they baked beautifully.  My sister said it was the BEST cupcake she ever had!  I just made a traditional vanilla buttercream, and it was delicious!  This cake melts in your mouth.  As a baker, the best compliment I can get when I make a cake is when someone says, "This is so moist" and I heard that a lot yesterday!  THIS IS MY FAVORITE RECIPE AND THE ONLY ONE I WILL EVER USE FOR A YELLOW CAKE!  Thank you again!!  chef.gif

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