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This cake got so many great reviews from home bakers (and a couple of pros), I'll have to try it.  My question relates to a pro who mentioned how crumbly it looked in the picture.  I agree that I couldn't sell something that looked like that when cut.   Have any pro bakers tried this and is it as crumbly as the picture makes it seem? 

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There's already been so many positive opinions given for this recipe.  Just bake one off and see for yourself. 


If it is too "crumbly," there are numerous ways to control that without changing the basic character of the cake.  By way of example, a large, dry crumb often (usually?) results from over beating.  Solution:  Don't over beat.  Sometimes it's from too many bubbles.  Solution:  Don't over beat and tamp the batter-filled pan on the counter a few times to settle the batter.  Sometimes it's from over baking This could be a too hot oven, inattention, or...  Solution:  Don't over bake.  And so it goes. 


People make such a big deal about following baking recipes exactly, but that's BS.  With even a modicum of understanding, you have a lot of control over the process and no good reason for not exercising it.


You're good at what you do and have no reason to be insecure about it.  This is in your power-band.



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Thanks, BDL.   I'm going to look for my modicum.  I think I lost it.  ;-)

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Our grand niece just loves Elmo from Sesame Street

So Auntie made this fabulous recipe into Elmo-cupcakes

As you can see the little fingers that have already been into them

She was so excited! 

This was more rewarding than any store bought cake



The custest cupcakes

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Darling cupcakes!  Is that fondant you used for the whites on the eyes?  My grandson loves Elmo too.  I'll have to try this.  Thanks for sharing.



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Thanks dimples3130

the eyes are lifesavers with chocolate chips (swirled top knot down into the whole of the lifesaver), the nose is a gumdrop (what are they called Dots?) and the mouth is the colored gel in a tube you find at the supermarket; lastly the icing is vanilla canned stuff with red food coloring mixed right into the can!  Mommy got her an Abby-Cadabby cake from the bakery, but of course Auntie's was better LOL licklips.gif

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I have just read your cake recipe and I am very excited to try it.  I have made a dozen or so scratch cakes and they all come out dense and dry.  I was wondering though how I would adapt this to a different pan? I am making a cake for a friend's sons birthday, it is a lightning McQueen cake pan, and some cupcakes.  Do you have any tips on how I could make it in that Wilton pan and 12-24 cupcakes?  Thanks so much!

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BettyR, I posted a question about this great cake recipe but I am brand new to this site and wanted to make sure it made it to you. So when you get this let me know. Thanks, Steelersfan

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Steelersfan, I am by no means an expert baker, but I can lend advice.

This recipe for The Perfect Homemade Yellow Cake makes three layers or two layers and one pan of regulation sized cupcakes in my experience. 

The Wilton Lightning McQueen Car Cake pan (and how cute is this cake pan) calls for a two layer mix. 

So I would make one batch of batter, pour out your cupcakes and then pour the rest into “McQueen”.  Cupcakes take 15-17 minutes (be careful not to over bake) @ 350⁰ and McQueen is 30-40 minutes. 

Presto Change-o, you got some happy kids (and adults, it's really good)!

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I am so excited for this recipe...I too have always been unhappy with yellow cake recipes...I love just a nice berry coulis on top of a piece...sound wonderful

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I totally agree with siduri...they may seem daunting to a newer baker but just follow the recipe and it will be fine...I also agree that the cake seems so much 'tougher' than american cakes...really did not enjoy it but it may have just been my 'skills'! Bake one and try it...what have you got to lose? I am referring to the genoise style cake...:)

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Im excited to try this recipe! Im making it for my daughters first birthday on sat.  I'll re-post with how it came out and comments from friends and family!  Thank you for sharing!!!!

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hope the party is lovely.

please do let us know how it turns out, the party, and the cake of course

...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
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I too had to create an account just for this recipe!

For some reason I got it into my head that I should make this building blocks cake for my son's 1st birthday. This probably isn't the best time to try a cake from scratch but once I get an idea into my head..rolleyes.gif
So I Googled for a from scratch yellow cake recipe and found this one with such good reviews. My concern is that this cake will be too crumbly to be able to frost and make it look smooth (even with a crumb frosting layer layer) Also, I saw a woman use a loaf pan to make these blocks (for a bigger block)[] I liked this because my 9x13 cakes don't come out very high. I'm just not sure if this recipe would be enough for two loaf pans and if so how long to bake them?

Any suggestions/tips?

I have to make this cake on 08/06 so I don't have much time (yep I procrastinate till the last minute)


I would really appreciate your help, Thank you!

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been searching forever for a good yellow cake recipe.. just made this recipe this morning. Was absolutely wonderful! I usually don't respond to things like this but this one was well worth noting! Thanks soo much for sharing :)

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When I made it and have probably made it dozens of times by now it was not crumbly. It was perfect. I do use half buttermilk half whole. I agree with the other response though, just make the cake for yourself.

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Wow Betty

Those look SO good.   I can't decide which one to try first.


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Oh my gosh. I was just about to finish dinner and start on the practice cake for my son's birthday. This recipe sounds very similar to my favorite yellow cake recipe. I am going to try your and let you know how it goes!!!

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So Im reposting, made the cake and I had to make it again with a little adjustment of my own.  I didnt care for 3 eggs, tasted a little eggy to me, so I only used 2.  But it was the best from scratch cake I ever made!!!!!!  Thank you for sharing!  I will use it again!

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Coming back to say that the cake was great. The only thing is it wasn't airy and soft enough. I will use this cake to go with the cream cheese or buttercream frosting, but I am making a whipped cream frosting and the cake is want should be fluffier. I did love the cake tho!

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Originally Posted by kaneohegirlinaz View Post

Wow, fondant sounds great!!  I was thinking of trying a filling of some sort, like maybe lemon curd and then use a chocolate ganache on top. 

In any case though, I will be making this recipe with the three 9 inch pans as BettyR called for.

The cupcakes that I made are still in the freezer, mainly 'cuz I knew that my husband would polish off that double layer in nothing flat!!  licklips.gif

I am wondering if you add the lemon curd, will this cause the cake layers to move as you slice into it?

I was curious because this has happened to me before.



You Need Degas to Make De Van Gogh
You Need Degas to Make De Van Gogh
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hey u didn't writethe amount of vegetable oil?

secondly i didn't understand the line where u have written milk/vegetable oil mixtuer??? does it mean to mix milk n oil together???


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I just replied to you and it ended up under the frosting/icing/whipped topping thread.(???)
read what's two "threads" above this one for answers.
...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
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In reference to the lemon curd question, run a dam of frosting around the top of each layer on the edge.  This also keeps the curd from squishing out between the layers and messing up the frosting.

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Mahalo Lentil, I was thinkin' the same...

this cake isn't like what alot of people would call cake

back in the day everyone made their own baked goods before betty crocker and duncan hines

my greatgrandmother made all of our baked goods and I never even stepped into a bakery until I was older

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I made this cake last week, and although it was light and fluffy, I found it to be too sweet. Here are the small adjustments I made for the second batch:

1.The milk/oil combination is a bit odd, use 1.25c milk and 2T oil. (Hinayali-refer to these measurements)

2. Instead of 1.5c sugar use 1.25c sugar


Note: This is a good basic yellow cake recipe but I think it needs more 'depth', and by that I mean maybe adding a hint of other spices.


Lentil: When I baked this off it wasn't crumbly like it was in the picture. However, I put this in the walk in overnight and the next day the cake was a lot more dense. I didn't tort and assemble it so I can't give you a definite answer as to how good it would work in a professional kitchen. I may experiment with it more this coming week. I'll take pics if I do.

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I just catered a wedding and a friend of the bride made the cake.  What a mess!  The icing- some sort of whipped cream glop-  was sliding off even though the cake arrived an hour late and only sat out for less than 30 minutes.  It was a 3 tier with so many stablizing posts there wasn't much cake left to cut once they were out, and it completely fell apart while we were cutting.  Most pieces had to be patched together on the plates.


I think the biggest problem is that the cake was too fresh. Had it been refrigerated overnight before decorating, it would have been a bit more stable.  The icing, such as it was, was most likely put on a cake that wasn't sufficiently cooled.  And it was hot that day which didn't help at all!  I'm also certain it was a box mix.


Off topic, I know, but it makes me want to try the cake that is the subject of this post even more.

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Looks great!   I will try this the next time I have to do a yellow cake.

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Our niece was staying with us recently and wanted to help celebrate our wedding anniversary.

So she and her two adorable little girls made us this cake.  


Adorable cake

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I've been looking for a really good yellow cake recipe and when I typed in "really good homemade scratch yellow cake recipe", this was the first one to pop up and I read the review and saw the beautiful picture!!! Like you said all the recipes that you normally find are for a "pound cake type". I'm trying this one out tonight, will let you know tomorrow. Thanks a bunch!

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