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I've been experimenting with a tamarind-lime meringue pie. It's basically a lemon pie, but with tamarind and lime instead of lemon. And a sweeter meringue, because it's *tart*. The problem is that the filling is a remarkably unattractive shade of brown. I'm wondering if that's the tamarind concentrate I've got (though all I've ever seen is roughly the same color, I understand fresh is different?), and if there's something I can try to make it less awful? Greenish brown would be fine, but not this sick color. I tried adding some yellow food coloring, and didn't notice a difference. Green (and not even much) led to an atomic green pie, which is not quite what I'm after.

Here's the formula:

blind baked pie shell

1.5 C sugar
1/3 C constarch
1.5 C water
3 eggs, separated, yolks beaten
juice and zest of two limes. (reserve about 1/4 t for the meringue)
3T (plus or minus, to taste) tamarind

stir together sugar, cornstarch and water over medium heat. whisk constantly until boiled for about 90 seconds. Take off heat. Temper eggs with about 1/3 sugar mixture, adding it gradualy, so not to cook eggs. Add heated egg back to sugar, put back on med-low heat; whisk constantly until thick and nicely creamy. Add zest, lime juice, tamarind, whisking constantly. Whisk until mixed, then pour in baked pie shell. Top with meringue (don't forget to put the lime juice in it.) bake 400 about 8-10 mintues, until meringue browned.