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wat`s de next step??

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hi frens i m confused . i m not able 2 decide wat shoild i do after me finishin my bachelors degree . i m not ready 2 work for a company . i know that i m not very well qualified 2 work for a mnc .so have planned 2 study .? wat should i do next ?? suggestions plzzz???
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I'm sorry, could you perhaps repost your question in English?
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Yes. learning to spell and use grammatically correct American English (or British English, or even Australian English) would be a great next step for you. Especially since you list yourself as "host", and assuming you speak much like you write, you'll do much better in interfacing with people who will be able to understand you.

Your message seems somewhat like what I'm told text messaging is like.

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Even in texting, I use full words. Drives me nuts when friends use L8er, plz, ppl... I can't stand it. Anyways, Charan, everyone here is really nice but we need to be able to understand what you are saying so that we can help you.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
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I recently read an article that was talking about how corporate recruiters were lamenting the downfall of both the spoken and written language in the new generation of recruits. They were lamenting the loss of social skills and the fact that most entry level employees can't carry on a cohesive interview and just ripped into their written skills and the fact that they use "text language" in both emails and on resumes.
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Thanks Pete!!!!

From "cul8r" to "EVOO" it drives me up the wall! Arrggghhhh!!!!! I can still remembr old Mr. Terrance Burke in my CWT classes from High School going over the finer points of filling out and submiting an application/resumes. No abbreviations, no short cuts and for gawds sake no lines left blank. Did it and (judged them) that way up until the last job and that was for close to 30 years. ;)

Althoug I think this was a poor joke on chara's part judging from the last couple posts and the vocabulary used.:rolleyes:
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