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What Is/Was Your Dream Wedding?

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Did you get your dream wedding?
If you're not married yet, would you make sure your dream will turn into reality?

I hoped for a garden wedding. With lots of flowers in full bloom and in different varieties and colors. I wanna wear a lavender haltered gown with small pink flowers on my hair. Of course, motif would have been a blending of lavender and pink. The entourage wearing different pastel colored gowns and barongs. Little girls showering my path with flowers.

The reception will be just on another side of the place, foods and servers all ready. A band will accompany me and my husband as we dance to our favorite song.

but that didn't happen. I got married in a church and just a simple one. With only the close family members invited. We chose to be practical and save for the upcoming baby.

I would still want that to happen. Maybe on our 25th wedding anniversary.
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The proposal: on an exotic island beach in Tortola, St. Lucia, or the Bahamas. I'd hid the ring inside an oyster shell and while out in the waters, I'll pretend to find it and shuck it on the spot while on 1 knee and ready to propose. Firstly, I'll need to find a girlfriend and to do this, one who would like to travel.

I'd love to do the ceremony on a cruise ship somewhere in the mediterraneen waters with some coastal town in the back ground in places like Debrovnik or Santorini or the Caribbean if its too expensive. Have just our immediate family on board so pretty much just mom and dad though I don't have a father...maybe my uncles. Do a nautical themed reception back home for the rest of the family. NO CHINESE FOOD, that for me is non-negotiable. Maybe play back the ceremony before the bride and groom enters since everyone else wouldn't or couldn't be there or at least, recreate the ceremony. I'm thinking no more then 100 people from my end. NO KAREOKE, also non-negotiable... uuuugh god, I'd better not fall for a Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, or Korean girl or she'd divorce me before the reception. I'd like to do some homemade truffles for either part of the dessert or wedding favors. A live band would be nice, maybe support some of our local jazz talents but DJ the rest myself with basically stuff that people 40+ wouldn't be interested in dancing to...something for the younger crowd should any show up.
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I had the huge fairytale wedding (and extremely romantic proposal) that every girl dreams of complete with a string quartet and a song my husband had specially written for me.

If I could do it again--I'd go smaller. Much smaller--probably a destination wedding.

Same groom though--he's a keeper!
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My dream wedding already happened. It was in a big park with huge trees, beautiful scenery, and a woman I loved with all my heart. My dad, a minister, did the formalities. It wasn't very formal as weddings go. It was perfect for us. She left me 9 months later. I have no children with her.

We have since divorced, and that has been very painful for me for the last 20 years. My dream crashed to the ground. Sorry about the downer, but that is an honest answer.
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My family alone, both blood and extended, adds up to well over 400 people. And a lot of them are hippies. The last wedding I went to in the family, the bride wore nothing but a thong and bubble wrap, popped out of a cake, walked to the groom who was no more civilly dressed, and got married by one of those fake deer that can be talk through a microphone. The music was a drunken guitar circle. And people wonder why us kids who grew up in the family are a bit odd.

Anyways, I really want a large wedding. I love attention, my family, although on the odd side, means the world to me, and I have dreamed and dreamed about walking down the aisle, outside, in a nice cool dress (100* in Texas is a breezy spring day), and getting married to the love of my life. I want the reception to be nothing but appetizers, I'm fine with an open mic. but all congrats in public must be done before the bar opens.

Wow, this is kinda on the sensitive side of Cheftalk. :)
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
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Mine would involve a beautiful church ceremony in which hundreds could attend. In the days leading up to the ceremony I would want constant celebration and partying. High class but fun is what I want.
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