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equipment repair question

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Does anyone have any very rough figures (in US dollars) on what it would cost to replace the seal around the doors on a Blodgett oven? I'm looking for a very rough idea...$100, $300, more? Also, about how much would it cost to replace the condenser in a 6 foot refrigerated display case? There is a bundle of used equipment I am considering buying, and I don't want to bid on it if the repair cost is too high. Both of these items are not really what I want in the bundle, so I can easily pull them out if the repair cost is too much.

Thank you.
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Wow...didn't think this was an equiptment repair for the condensor....go on line....find the specs on the specific the
part or shop it at instawares or call the company......gasket should not cost over a hundred dollars.....on another many of you out there repair your own appliances, ovens, and refrigeration???
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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum...I did a quick check this morning to see where I should post and maybe I missed an "equipment repair forum". I obviously didn't mean to upset anyone by posting in the wrong place.
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Oops....just kidding.....didn't mean to offend....good luck with the bundled equiptment...its really a crapshoot unless you have some experience with repair and they let you plug it in and let it run......hope you get a good deal...good luck....
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Blodgett should have gasket replacements available, e-mail to find out how much. This type of job you could probably do yourself, Blodgetts are good ovens.

Watch out with used refrigeration eqpt. How old is the display case--what type of gas is it running on? If it's older than 10 yrs, odds are it's running on r-12, a now illegal gas. If this is the case then the whole system will have to be changed over to a new gas. In any case you're looking at over $900 for a new compressor and a couple hundred for installation. This is not a good gamble.
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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This is some time past the original post, but in case anyone else starts searching for the same information, I figured I'd answer it here.  


You didn't mention which model number oven you had, but assuming it's one of the parts that we carry on our site, the part is under $100.  If you have to pay someone to do your repair, of course you'll have to pay labor.  But if you can do the repair yourself, it should be pretty reasonable.  


Hope that's helpful to anyone else who looks for this info in the future.



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