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PF Chang's

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PF Chang's dishes are very bland, I don't understand the restaurant's popularity (There's always a long wait!). Anyone agree?
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Just another mass marketed chain with mass produced food, catering to John Q. Public, to add to the mediocrity that is "American" dining. I wish more people would support small local proprietors than these large chain companies.
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Its probably the used of exorbinate amount of MSG they may season their food with.
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To be honest with you it's better than a lot of other "upscale" chains. And on top of that, it's better than a lot of local chinese places.
I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about (especially those terrible buffets)
Rubbery tripe, too much cornstarch, burned fried rice and how about some lo mein with my veggies?

Once again though, due to inconsistencies and different cooks..ever changs is a little different...mine just happens to be pretty good.
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