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Vegas Suggestions...

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Kay, I'm hitting Vegas for my third time in round a month. I'll be going with a good friend of mine, it'll be his first time outside this country. I'm thinking Sharks Reef @ Mandalay Bay, Exotic Cars exhibit @ Caesar's Forum shops, Madame Tussauds wax museum, maybe Star Trek the Experience because we're both ST buffs, plus all the free stuff like the dancing pool and botanical garden @ Bellagios, the animal exhibits at MGM, Mirage, and Flamingo, the M&M Factory and the Gameworks arcade, finish up with the Freemont Street Experience. Food wise, I've got my heart set on Bouchon @ the Venetian, the buffet at Bellagio and Paris was great and Todai sushi buffet (because hes a total sushi addict to which I regret ever introducing sushi to him) at the now Planet Hollywood hotel...then bars bars bars.

Just wondering what else anyone would recommend. I'm not thinking of wandering too far off the strip, I'm not renting a car and don't want to be taking the cab everywhere, we're both on a budget (I lack the funds but replaceable easily and he doesn't have a job but has saved up large). Will be staying at Treasure Island August 17 for 4 nights, I got a great deal with them on TravelZoo. I might pass on the idea of seeing Jubliee @ Bally's though I doubt hes into that sort of thing.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Since you are staying at Treasure Island, I recommend Social House for dinner. I had a very good meal there just a few months ago, here is their menu The Official Social House Restaurant in Las Vegas, Social House Las Vegas Nightlife, Las Vegas Restaurant Social House -it is mostly Asian influenced small plates.
Bouchon is a great choice, I have been there for breakfast several times, it is in a beautiful space and the food has been consistently good.
If you are going to be in the Forum Shops, stop by Vosges Haute Chocolate on the ground floor, right behind the circular escalator. Their staff is very friendly and will give you a free sample of anything you like. They are well known for their bacon chocolate bar, weird as it sounds, it is one of those bizarre pairings that actually works, so don't pass up the chance to try it.
I hope you enjoy your trip.
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L'atelier de Joel Robuchon. IMO the end all be all of gastronomic experiences in Vegas.........but then again I didn't try The Mansion.
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If the door man of any hotel asks offers you a complimentary hotel to "great club with beautiful girls", don't bother. You will be disappointed and probably be asked to pay a $40 cover charge.
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Clubs isn't really our scene, we'll probably be hanging around bars though I may look up some clubs for fun. I actually found the bar over the pool at the Wynn hotel was very interesting...especially when buzzed. As for the girl scene, we'll be walking up and down the strip so I'm sure we'll run into a few. That and I've got some suggestions on some adult entertainment.
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These are the "clubs" I am referring to. Stay away from BaddaBing...really :)
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