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As I said in another topic we bagged the OG for this place. What a brilliant move if I do say so myself. Finally found a local place that had a very nice menu and people that care about the entire experience. The restaurant Dining room itself occupies a building that was built in 1760. They have the kitchen in the outbuildings but they were reconstructed.

The building itself served just as it's name says a Halfway House for many of this nations founders and leaders. George Washington, Patrick Henry, Lee Grant and even served as a hospital and headquarters of General Beauregard at the Battle of Willis Rd. There's more to write about the restaurant but on to the food.

The prices were a bit more that I had planned but there was a very nice choice of items. Typical of a place like this were Lamb, Veal, Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Steaks, Pork Loin, Pasta, Etc.

I actually had my mind set on a very nice set of Lamb chops and decided to go a different route of two appetizers..... Baked Onion Soup Gratin and a Blackened Duck Breast. Not because of price but because it's been a while since I've had either of these. The DW had a Mediterranean Pasta dish.

The duck had a great flavor, the blackening seasoning was also tasty as was the Honey Mustard sauce that was drizzled on the dish. It offered a nice contrast to the blackening season. The duck itself was very tender and cooked very nicely but I should have ordered it rare. Not that it wasn't cooked correctly but I do prefer my duck breast a bit more rare. Still a very nice dish regardless of my personal preference. I ordered a local Hefeweizen Ale for my beverage and I have to say they all worked quite well together.

The soup was well topped with cheese, nice croûton and chocked full of onions in a rich broth. The Cheese was a nice and bubbly mix of what seemed to be swiss (I want to say Gruyère but it seemed too mild for that. Maybe wishful on my part since that's how I actually served it:cool: ) provolone and Parmesan. I gave the website to CT to the server to give to the Chef so maybe he can set the record straight if he joins.

Anyhow the DW's past was very nice as well. Linguini tossed with a good amount of tomatoes, black olives, spinach, artichokes and I thought feta (menu description) but it had Parmesan instead or so the DW stated. Anyhow it had a nice light sauce of lemon and garlic and olive oil. She really enjoyed it regardless.

Dessert was a piece of Pecan Pie with Whipped Cream. It was a bit sweet for my tooth but the DW sure enjoyed it. I still can't believe she turned down a piece of Flour-less Chocolate tort for the pecan pie but as she said she doesn't get pecan pie often anymore.

So a restaurant I would highly recommend if you are ever through the Richmond area. Just so ya know it's on Jefferson Davis Hwy (1/301) just north of 288. Here's a link to the tripadvisor site that shows a map.Halfway House Restaurant, Richmond - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor