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Thought I'd copy this here to see if anyone could help.

I just got back from trip to the in-laws and stopped on the way at a bakery I've been wanting to check out for a couple of years. They had a couple of interesting things that I'd like to try in my shop, but need a little help figuring out what they did.

One is a gooey pecan chocolate chip bar with a chewey moist crust. There's coconut in the crust and maybe oats. It's not a 7 layer bar, but is similar. The topping is walnuts, pecans, and chocolate chips. DH thinks the crust tastes of caramel which I think is part of the topping. Any ideas what the crust might be?

The other bar is the answer to my over abundance of egg white dreams. It has a very short short bread crust that I think is too crumbly and will probably use my lemon square crust instead. Then it has a layer of raspberry jam. The topping it what's so great about this bar. It is a macaroon-type topping, but it's very light- maybe it's just a macaroon cookie but crumbled on. Any ideas on the topping? It's about 3/4 inch thick, but light and sugary instead of dense and sticky like a macaroon.

Thanks in advance.