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eat this new york...

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for anyone who has interest in documentaries and or films about the biz, this should definitely be on your list of must sees... if you havent heard of it or seen it yet check it out...

EAT THIS NEW YORK: A Documentary About the Business of Food
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anyone watch this yet~!?
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Just put it on netflix, I'll let you know.
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watched it last night over a nice dinner of pasta, the "main" story is not too interesting at all. the interviews with some of the big chefs were good though. Sirio Maccioni's interviews were worth a netflix queue if you have netflix....I wouldn't buy the DVD or rent it from blockbuster for 499$ though.

All those "names" listed, really had nothing to do with the documentary other than some little interviews...and the main story....just was not interesting. 2 guys opening up a bistro/restaurant in "hipster" Williamsburg (Brooklyn)...didn't get much deeper than that other than the "almost bailing at last minute" and "taking the jump" feelings...
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the interviews from the chefs that made it, is the only reason to rent it. imo. its a good dvd.

i havent been to williamsburg in almost a year, but apparently theyre still doing well and in business:

Café Moto in Brooklyn
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Yeah, I have to admit we really enjoyed Sirio's interviews and stories....even in the "extras". Funny guy. It was worth a netflix for his Onasis and Sinatra stories.

"Did you forget the address or you just don't eat anymore" haha.
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i didnt care for drew nieporent, he comes off like a cocky arrogant guy... (but then again, who wouldnt with the success and monies he has.)
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WE Thought the same thing!!! stupid mustache.

we hated his name dropping "Nobu this, this person was at nobu last night, blah blah"
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exactly... its the first thing i noticed, why tell a homeless man he had to be at a book signing at nobu... c'mon.
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