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Would you like to try to invent something for potentially a big reward? I read about this web site, , today in the newspaper, and I have signed on. This site brings together businesses (or govt or non-profit groups) with a need, and people looking to solve the challenge. I think it's a credible, trustworthy site since it was in a newspaper and not spam or advertizing.

When I first looked at the solutions needed, this one struck me as right up a food chemist's alley, and made me think of posting this here. There are a lot of educated creative minds here, and maybe a few of you will be interested in this site. This is just one example . . .

Heat-Stable, Shelf-Stable Food Foam INNOCENTIVE 6528808 The Seeker, a Fortune 500 company, is looking for ingredients or technology to produce heat-stable, shelf-stable food foam. More details are available once you register as an InnoCentive Solver. Read More Challenge Reward: $50,000 USD Challenge Type: RTP DEADLINE: Oct 14, 2008 115 Project Rooms Challenge Posted: Jul 14, 2008