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DIY Chocolate?

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Have a quick query.... hope someone can help...

I am getting married and for favours, I came across chocolate placenames. I can't seem to post a picture but they come from foodisart (a uk based site).

Is there any easy way of doing this myself or should it be left to the professionals? I'm asking because I couldn't find any local and I imagine they will charge through the roof for delivering abroad.
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I checked out thier site and it is possible to do that yourself, it depends on your skill level.
If you have zero skill with a piping bag, you might not want to attempt it. Consistant lettering takes practice. It isn't rocket science, mind you, but if you have never done it before it might be more difficult than you think and waiting until the last moment to do it will lead to frustration that you do not need.
Where are you located (generally speaking)? Are you in the UK like the website you referenced? I only ask because where to get supplies will probably be different.
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I took a look at the website also and what I saw wold be relatively easy to do, with practice, as izbnso noted.

Many cake decorators can show you how to do the printing or writing. If you will spend some time practicing, you will be able to do the printing or writing pretty easily. Just don't wait 'til the last minute to learn. If you are in the USA or Canada most arts and crafts stores like Michaels, Joann's fabrics, Hobby Lobby, A C Moore etc have people who teach cake decorating cake decorating. There are also cake decorating supply stores in some citites that could teach how to do the writing and can sell you the molds for making the chocolate placards.

The other suggestion I have is to use a high grade chocolate for the placards and be sure to properly temper the chocolate so you have a nice shine. Like the printing/writing this will take some learning and practice but its not rocket science either.
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