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California bans trans fats  

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What do you think of this?

California bans restaurants from using trans fats

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So... Twinkies are OK, but french fries aren't? Please...
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Its ironic that calif is banning Trans fat and let the use of MSG,aspertain continue. MSG,aspertain are neuro toxin.If you are rolling your eyes and thinkin i have been consuming these for years and i feel find check this out a real eye opener
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A state that probably accounts for almost half of the accumulative Botox injections for the country just in it's southern 1/2 has banned using trans fats. Something injected or something ingested what's the difference?
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MSG is a naturally occurring substance in many foods. If you eat beats you are eating a lot of it :lol:
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Whether the substance is naturally occurring or not the government has no right to tell us how to eat and should not tell us what to cook with (within reason).
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I think it's great. One step towards better health statewide. There are other health issues that could be dealt with by laws, but I say this is a step in the right direction. Of course, food service isn't my occupation.
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So you think this is within reason or not?
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I guess you don't believe in free will and love oppression.

Granted I know the harms of trans fats, how their made and how they are used my mass producers, but it still stands that the government should not be regulating this. Fix welfare, fix SS, fix our economy. Stay the eff out of my food.
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I'm talkin rat poison and cyanide.
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I agree with you if we're talking home cooking. But I see it differently regarding restaurants, where customers won't necessarily know what they're eating.
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Still don't agree. Label it on your menu if you are using it or not, but just banning of things IMHO is government overstepping it's reach.
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Labeling it on the menu would be good enough for me.
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You are right.but mother nature limits the amount we get from are foods.
But the evil people who want to harm us use it in foods in large amounts
to make us sick,msg in high doses has been lick to diabetis. Open up your mind and watch the video and learn something new.
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You are right the goverment has no right to tell us what to eat/how to prepare it. It the Elite rich who own the gov the have esurpted that right
while you were sleeping. Check/googel Codex Alimentarius
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starbucks has us changing recipes for them because they want to start/ or should I say have started the trans fat coffee is ok and trans fats aren't? that a little weird.
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1) I'm not sleeping. Don't assume or blanket, it'll get you in trouble sooner or later.

2) So far as I can tell, and this is from reading this stuff 3 years ago, Codex is either only happening in Europe or just another BS internet story, like NESARA.
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I agree with oldschool (post #4)
What California needs to ban, IMO, is botox, collagen injections and plastic boobs. Of course that would probably collapse the economy of the southern half of the state.:D
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Government doesn't have "rights." Government has "authority." Does the state of California have the authority to ban trans fats from commercial sale? Yes. It almost certainly does. The general area is traditionally one State's have actively regulated. However, if the Federal government decides trans-fats should not be regulated, the Federal will is supreme.

Is California's ban on trans-fats a good idea? From my understanding of the subject the current understanding is that trans fats serve no useful purpose and are a serious long-term health risk. However, that "current understanding" is fairly new, the degree of immediate danger seems low, and the weight of the evidence is not overwhelming. I feel the State acted prematurely and should have waited a few more years.

Personally, I don't use trans-fats in my own cooking. However, we're not above stopping at fast food restaurants now and then or sometimes buying a pack of Little Debbie's "creme" filled oatmeal cookies. Since we are consumers, I'm happy trans fats will be removed from the foods.

Regarding some of the other arguments:

"Labeling" does not provide protection. The foods are still overly harmful and, for the time being, are attractive. In fact, there's a parallel doctrine in civil law called "attractive nuisance," and the owner of the nuisance has the responsibility to render it safe from those who would find it attractive.

Yes, there are other products in the marketplace just as or more dangerous than trans-fats. So? What's your point?

When food isn't regulated, producers put a lot of very bad food in the chain of commerce. That isn't conjecture, it's historical fact. Since Sinclair Lewis wrote "The Jungle," human and corporate natures have not been repealed. Food must not only be regulated, but must be inspected by agencies with enough inspectors to do the job and the desire to enforce the regulations. Again, not a conjecture. Food inspection in the US is at a low point now because of the sentiments of anti-regulation ideologues in government and their industry sponsors. Failures of inspection, failure to identify sources of contamination, and a variety of other scandals are regular "news." Coincidence? Europe functions very well thank you with a high degree of regulation. Large Asian countries without meaningful regulation, not so much.

If you want to eat downers, that's your business. Raise your own cattle, infect them with something horrible, slaughter and eat them yourself. I want government to Keep them out of my market and off my plate. That and the salmonella infected spinach.

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Trans fats

I am not a politician or a chemist. But the US has been injecting cattle with all kinds of growth hormones for years. Perhaps that is whats causing the obesity problems. Many people have suggested it. Usually those that do are labeled as "nut jobs" or "paranoid"..Strange that most of the world refuses to buy US beef an poultry due to the injections of hormones that it receives. Because they have evidence that it causes tremendous long term health problems. So don't give me this crap that the government is going to look out for my well being. Who are you kidding? They are looking for money thats it. When the financial damage caused by the hormones in cattle exceeds its profits a study will emerge stating how horrible these things are and there will be a ban on them. Today thats trans fats. Why do you think cigarettes and alcohol are still legal?
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I see your point, but I also see a difference.

Alcohol is ok as long as it's not overdone. Smoking is not good in any amount. But with trans fats, there's little or no noticeable change (speaking from a customer's viewpoint). Most food can be as good without trans fats, and maybe some better. This is not equal to prohibition. This says use healthier oils. The business owner who uses trans fats will be the one needing the biggest adjustment, I realize. I don't have much sympathy for them if they won't make that step going to 0 trans, when they could be using a different veg oil that's healthier.
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And I pose this question:

How did we survive without Crisco?
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Most fun I ever had was at a Crisco and Visquine party.

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Crisco moved to a full hydrogenation process for their product so it is now a saturated fat rather than a trans-fat.. It will continue to be available.
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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Was not Saturated fat the mass killer like 6 years ago.. Hence the Oleen craze :) Fat free fat yay! lol
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Too much info! lol
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Do some research. Codex is a global movement to control everu aspect of the food by big business. They tryed to remove vit/herb from the us market but were defeated by millions of people voicing their disapproval. Codex is responsible for GM,iradiated food not being label in the usa. Once the usa becomes part of the north american union, america will not have a voice anymore. all decision will be made non elected entities like the EU. Codex is alive and well and must be defeated. But the first step is to educate yourself about the subject.
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I've done the research. I know Codex is an initiative by the UN. The vitamin thing IMO was just an internet scare story. GM and iradiation not being labeled is more about big business influencing government into non-regulation coupled with a VERY apathetic populace that really doesn't give a hoot, not so much to do with Codex. Cloned meat, GM tomatoes, corn etc., hormone milk, iradiated long as it is cheap and tastes like what it is supposed to be, by and large Americans don't care if it is in our food supply.....this is why things like the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and Real ID Act get passed with ease...AMERICANS DON"T CARE! Government will take care of us.

I've "educated" myself. But do you really call buying into the likes of, Jim Marrs and Alex Jones an "education"?
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I agree that trans fat should be banned in restaurants. Labeling it doesn't make it go away, like the smoking sections that USED to be in restaurants. I agreed with the smoking ban too, though I'm a smoker. It's not about protecting the consumer, but it's doing just that. Second hand smoke is bad, trans-fat is bad. As long as they don't ban it in my home and in my life, I'm okay with it. It's more of a market regulation since it can't be used in any on site cooking that is going to be sold to consumers. They aren't banning you from using it for yourself, just from having it served to you or served to your customers.
"**** is finding myself left with only vegan food, light beer, and menthol cigarettes."
"**** is finding myself left with only vegan food, light beer, and menthol cigarettes."
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The goverment is sure taking care of us. Banks are folding at an alarming
rate,unemployment is into double digits. as the house of card comes down
and more and more people realize that they are slipping into the third world
and beyond. If the majority of americans don't care then they finally get the goverment that they deserve. Then the constitution which is the keystone of our goverment is just a piece of tolet paper and people like you don't give a **** about the rights that our founding father faught the british for is worthless. Our solders who take an oath to up hold the principle of the constitution and the bill of right to defend against internal and external enemies is all for not. And we should bow down to the evils of pyscopaths who use the flag to kill ,tax and maim.
And your logic being that its on an alex jones site/rense etc. Which somehow makes the information not correct. But the information given out by the main stream media ,that is own by private corp who know not other god then profits no matter who dies, the correct information, PLEASE
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