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Keep on assuming buddy. Read what I wrote previously. Government does NOT, imo, have the right (BDL says authority) to regulate this sort of thing. Whether it be in my home or my restaurant, I say stay the eff out.

Also, if I know the likes of Marrs and you really think I lap at the feet of the MSM and Faux News?.....but then again you are so wrapped up in your "theories" that you can't see a brother in arms when he is standing right in front of you.

All I am trying to say is there is a bunch of BS out there on the net and you need to calm down and filter through it. Using a sn like "911 inside job" shows just how wrapped up in the conspiracy you are that you feel the need to shove it in people faces all the while disrespecting those that might just have family that died that day in NYC, DC or PA on this site.

As far as my government is taking care of us was sarcasm mocking those that truly believe that government will take care of us. We were a nation based on self no more. As apathy grows so does dependency and bondage.

Finally, with all due respect, don't you dare assume that I don't care about the rights our Founding Fathers FOUGHT the British for, or the many service men and women that have died or were wounded defending our freedom and principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I was kindly debating with you, AGREEING with you. You want to make it personal, take it to pm's, but you really need to stop using blanket statements and assume you know how the other person feels when you can't see past your own sn. I see and feel your passion, but get to know the other person and how they think and feel before you make generalizations and assumptions about said person.

Good day sir.