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Food for thought.

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Let’s face it gang, we all own a shovel and have been known to “use it” from time to time.

I’m talking about the “high horse” (or what that horse leaves behind) involving the ethics or lack there of with the Nationally/Regionally recognized food Chain compared to the Mom and pop local.

What makes these outlets anymore evil than the little guy? I honestly believe it’s the warped sense of perception we have that the underdog, is always on the righteous path or has the righteous cause. Wake up folks! This is not always true nor the case. Take butchers for example. Don’t fool yourself. In many cases there’s no real difference. There are good and bad in all. I’ve seen my fair share of reputable and unbelievably crooked in both venues. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a local butcher to deal with. Yet I can remember that they had the propensity to be just as“evil” as any Jewel, Dominick's, Publix, Wegmans, Pick’n’save, Piggley Wiggley, TJ’s, A&P, Costco, BJ’s or Sams, etc, etc, etc counterpart. In some cases even more so.

We’ve all seen or experienced it. Thumbs on the scale, poor standards of meat (ie horse or cull sold as beef or choice), sanitation issues, questionable quality standards, mystery meat?, etc, etc, etc when it comes to both. There are definitely more sinners than saints when it comes to food sales and production. It’s been that way since the dawn of man....How do you maximize profits all the while reducing loss.

Using or purchasing food from the following; the local butcher, bakery, farmers market or farm stand, organic, all natural, brand name, etc is no guarantee that it’s wholesome and of the highest quality just as the same products or items from the national or big box is harmful.

I’ve often believed, as a Food Service Professional, I was part of the last Noble profession. Maybe that’s my own misconception. Still I have for the better part of my life attempted to hold myself and those I have influence over to a higher standard. But since I’m human it sometimes doesn’t happen and I don’t meet my own expectations. But there has to be some degree of implied good faith when it comes to purchasing food from any source or at least that’s my belief. No matter what the venue, the food the “professional” sells can be no better than the source that provides it. Who’s to say what is what anymore? Over the last ten years alone, experts have flip-flopped back and forth over what is good and what is bad. Who know’s what will be said about things tomorrow? It’s all determined by the agenda of the person or the segment of the industry that is highlighted at that given moment.

For what it’s worth……Costco is our source for meats (pork, beef and poultry). After asking several local meat vendors (or butchers) questions we have determined that for the cost, the meat at Costco is more suitable than any other source. They don’t prepackage things, it’s all cut right out in the open, minimally processed, they have good sanitation standards, they are forthcoming with information and when asked, they can provide the origin of the meat plus itain’t killed us yet.

Bottom line! If what you do works for you then by all means stick to it. But what’s to say what works for you is supposed to work for everyone else.:D
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Know a few meat inspectors and they say costco has the best meat. and slavemart is the worst they as a few of these boys said use lots of downers
(a cattle that is barely alive before being processed. I myself wouldn't touch meat from slavemart/shamsclub if they were givin it away. Four years ago
I brought a few briskets and ended up throwing them away. Luckly I have
a few good butches shop around.
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Thise are thoughtful and useful points oldschool -

some of the reasons I hang around here all the time.

We're lucky, in an affluent area just outside Chicago, to have TJ (don't buy much meat there) WF, a local, long-time specialty butcher, a local Polish-oriented supermart, Costco, and, about 45 miles west, a spectacular saugagemaker who also has a range of top-quality meats and specialty items aside from the world-class sausages.

We're all meated-up, and we get a lot of our supply from Costco.

Life is good. :bounce:

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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