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what is it?

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What is this Merkins product? It is supposed to be chocolate, I think, bu it is NOT chocolate. I had someone bring it to me to use for ganache on their cake, and it is ...well...unspeakable. What is in it?
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I think your post is missing a link or something, because I don't see how to figure out what product you're talking about.
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I know Merkins makes a product called "confectionary coating". It's sometimes referred to as "summer coating". It usually comes in disk form and packaged in 1 or 2 pound sacks. Is this what you have? It's not chocolate, but it has it's place.
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Yes, bohunk, that's the stuff! What is it? What is it's place? Th ganache I tried to make is very light, VERY sweet, has virually no chocolate flavor and is a totally different consistency than chocolate.
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Summer chocolate, confectioner’s coating, candy-quick… not “real” chocolate. You don’t have to temper them to get shine and snap. I’ve used the Merkins products for confectionary coating, not the “chocolate” but the colored ones: bright pink, green and blue “true” white and purple. Oh and peanut butter flavored as well.

With a higher melting temp than actual chocolate I use these types of products here in the south, where leaving the store with something coated with “real” tempered chocolate will melt before you hit the car. And that is its place, IMO. Inside the molded candy is real chocolate, outside is this coating. Somebody else here with more background can answer to the super technical aspect of the difference. I just know there is one.

These products should not be used in place of actual chocolate to make a ganache or truffle or any place that you should be using real chocolate. You can add corn syrup to them to make modeling chocolate but as they typically run at a higher cost than generic chocolate chips that can be used for the same purpose, there really is no reason to do this.

As a side note: I have had a fat lot of success with “chocolate covered ‘Oreos’” using these products.
From a retail point of view having a giant case of $2-3 (labor intensive and high cost ingredients) per piece candies is nice, but when mom or grandma come in with little ones the 50 cent chocolate covered “Oreo” (which of course is not a real Oreo, but off brand $1.50 for 60 count) covered in coating with a smattering of sprinkles. It is like an impulse buy for the kid while the grown up gets one of the higher end products. Teenagers tend toward the 50 cent buy as well. The colored ones and peanut butter (with an off brand peanut butter sandwich cookie inside) are 75 cents. Stack colored ones and “chocolate” ones in an attractive cello bag, tie a ribbon on it and three 75 cent cookies and three 50 cent cookies (retail) turns into a $5.25 retail product. And as to using “off brand” cookies: Two customers were over heard talking about how my “Oreos” must have been homemade because they tasted so much better than Oreos”:cool:
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