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Cookie Quest

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I am on a mission to find a recipe for the best cookies I have ever had.
A restaurant about 3 hours away from where I live used to make them.
If anyone can help, PLEASE!!!!!!!

The first is a big light zucchini cookie with a white light glaze/frosting( seems to have a hint of cherry )

Prehaps the most addicting was the chocolate chip cookies they used to make. I believe they were using Ghirridhelli milk chocolate chips, and these cookies were also big ( @ 5') and soft, yet a bit crispy edges. Not tollhouse tasting either.

Lastly, they have a big sugar cookie that is also criminally addicting. Again its about 5 "around, thick and soft. The frosting seems to be the seal of the deal. It's not a heavy frosting, but not a glaze either.

If I am still not finding anything with the great ideas you all can help me with, what so I do...
Would you approach the restaurant owner? and what would you say/do??

Either way, I really look forward to having all of your support in finding some recipes for something close-
Thank you!!!
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The "cherry" flavoring could have been almond extract. It is often confused with cherry flavoring due to it being the main flavor additive in Maraschino Cherries.
Never trust a skinny cook
Never trust a skinny cook
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