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y hallo tharr

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My name's hazel! 8O I'm only 15 but I'd like to be a pastry chef when I'm older.
(as opposed to regular chef because I'm a vegetarian)
Couple of Q's:

i'm having trouble memorizing recipes. Advice?
And i'm worried about getting fat x)
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Hello Hazel and welcome to Chef Talk!

Although you're best served to ask questions in the other forums, I'll volunteer some thoughts on your concerns. I'm a home cook like you, but I have a few more decades under my apron strings. :D

1. You can be a "regular" chef and still be vegetarian. I'm sure many chefs will tell you this area of their business is growing quite a bit. There's always demand for veggie options, whether it's on a restaurant menu, catering menu or menu of personal chefs. So you don't have to limit your horizons based on vegetarianism.

2. Memorizing recipes comes with preparing them. It helps to use all your senses as you're cooking, which will help you remember how the dishes are prepared. For instance, it's possible to tell when it's time to turn over an egg by the sound and aroma of it as it fries. It's good to write down ingredients, methods and timings, but knowing a recipe comes with making it- that is, with practice. You'll see. :)

3. Being a former high school and middle school teacher, I have met many young women (and men, too) who fret about their weight and body image. Here's how you keep weight from being a lifelong issue for you:
  • Ask your doctor if s/he thinks you need to be as concerned as you are.
  • Learn a sensible way to eat and exercise so you stay healthy.
  • Keep busy doing constructive things!
The ones I know who don't have weight problems follow those three ideas.

As for Chef Talk, you're encouraged to read all of the forums- including the professional ones. However, we ask that you post questions and comments in the general forums, and leave the pros to post in the professional forums. The search tool will help you dig up a world of great information! Don't miss the cooking articles, blogs, etc.

Does your high school have culinary courses you can take to get some more experience? Good luck on your journey!

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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