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need some ideas for menu items

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well i just moved jobs to a staff cafe in tesco. its run on contract by avenance (elior) its subsidised by tesco's and therefore we charge a tiny amount

for example a small bowl of chips 16p a normal portion 32p
fresh fruit 10p
6 items from the breakfast menu (any combo, but example - 2 sausages 2 rashers bacon, 1 hash brown, 1 egg) 71p

most things on the menu are at a loss on the gp before we start rice per portion is -157% A buttered roll is -10%

we make fresh baguettes and sell them for £1.00 at a gp of 10%

we get a lot in from 3663 catering suppliers frozen so as to reduce costs and improve portion control, but we are allowed (and encouraged) to make things that can sell for a modest to high GP without being high in cost

for example a set meal for lunch (3 items) could be a beef lasagne (small portion about 3 inches by 2 inches) some chips and some beans (a common mix...) for £1.26

so i need some ideas for recipes that arent too expensive... we have a company credit card so we can purchase things from the shop floor (its like a 200 million zillion sq ft superstore so theres a wide range... **** they even sell HD tv's and own brand contract mobiles!) so thats not such a problem, but it needs to be high GP...

also needs to be simple or should i say common enough so that these people will eat it... not to say they have no taste... but some of them are kids and some of them are english middle aged men... pie and chips or fish and chips is a big hit.... if you catch my drift...
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My husband and I have a small health food store/cafe. Here are some of our most popular dishes that have a good margin due to their inexpensive ingredients.

House made Hummus and Toasted Pita Bread, accompanied with a side of sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and kalamata olives are inexpensive to make from your store's shelves and fetch a good margin.

Quiche - Tomato and Cheese; Feta, spinach and sundried tomato; Bacon, Swiss and Onion; Cheddar and Smoked Ham..etc etc. All use inexpensive ingredients in proportion to portion and a slice fetches a good price. Sell a slice alacarte or add a small side salad at a full meal price.

Housemade Soups always have a great margin. This is a great way to utilize produce that may go off when new inventory is delivered. Cream of Curried Carrot is very inexpensive to make and delicious served hot or cold. Mixed Vegetable using a base of vegetable stock, cabbage, onions and garlic, then add all sorts of vegies and canned beans to it for a heartwarming delicious soup. Dahl (lentil soup) can be another soup that uses leftover cauliflower, courgettes, tomatoes, sweet potato, spinach, etc. Spice it well and serve with flatbread.

One of our most popular quick foods is an "egg roll" we make with curried potato and cauliflower mash and peas. Wrap a smallish portion in an egg roll wrapper and fry. Serve with a small cup of chutney. Quick and easy to make plus it can be served hot or at room temperature.
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