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bartering herbs for food!

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Hi, I am addressing the professional chefs so I can risk looking foolish virtually rather than in front of a local chef. I have an abundant herb garden this year; more than I possibly want to dry, freeze, or make into savory jelly. While I love to cook I also love to eat out and was wondering what a chef or chef/owner might think if I approached them about trading a few weeks worth of fresh herbs for a meal for two? I assume most already have a steady supplier and as I know most of the chef's in the area from frequenting their restaurants I would not want to put them in the uncomfortable position of accomodating my request just because I am a customer. Is this whole thing just a bad idea? Thanks ahead. Steve in Fort Worth Texas.
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might be worth an anonymous letter, to a po box.... if you dont want to put them out... or sell the herbs, and buy the dinner... the chefs wouold probably prefer that... its quantifiable
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If you have a local farmers market, it might be a better choice to sell them there...tables often only cost $10. Pocket the cash and enjoy a meal at your favorite place.
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Honestly... I'd jump at that offer. If the quality is better than what i can get from the suppriers (and i bet it is), and the price is comparable, absolutely.
Fresher? Localer? (<<lol) Cheaper? :smoking:-b
"F%*k 'em n feed 'em fish heads!"
"F%*k 'em n feed 'em fish heads!"
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If you've got restaurants that know you, where you and the staff already have a friendly relationship, bring in some just-picked herbs (hours count) and give them to the chef -- or to whomever you know to give to the chef. Just give them the same way you'd give flowers to a girl, or a hostess gift.

That sort of thing usually gets some amount of comp -- a dessert, a meal, a bottle of wine, something. More importantly, it will allow you to meet the chef or the owner and find out if (s)he's interested in more of your herbs. No cook can get enough fresh truck. And yeah, it's definitely worth a few meals.

Good luck,
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thanks everyone - I'll go with the general consensus and just bring some in as a gift and curry whatever good will that gets me.

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I'm in Frisco. I'm sure you don't want to make the drive, but we'd love to have you at the Frisco Farmers' Market and i'm sure anyone else would too. Coppell has a great farmers market. Especially if you can say you didn't use pesticides or anything.
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I doubt I have enough to justify setting up at a farmer's market, but thanks for the suggestion. I do enjoy buying at good farmer's markets- seems it gets more difficult to find 'true' farmer's markets that only carry locally grown produce (because the selection would be so limited I guess). I don't use pesticides but if I knew of a good one to prevent vine borers I probably would on my pumpkins! Pretty much just keep everything properly watered and give them a little miracle-gro each week.

Thanks again.
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