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Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can find a relatively simple recipe for munchkins? Thanks!
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Besides guardians of the Yellow Brick Road what, pray tell, is a Munchkin?
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Wheww! I thought I was the only one wondering what a munchkin is, besides the little people of Oz.:look:

A quick trip to the land of Google has revealed that Munchkins are many things besides the little people of Oz and the yellow brick road. They can be small cats/kittens. In some cases people refferred to puppies in this manner. Its even some form of role playing game in which there is apparently a competition. There is one other item I found which may be what the OP is talking about https://www.dunkindonuts.com/aboutus...nuts&id=DD-605
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and finally a picture of the elusive munchkin
DUNKIN DONUTS - MUNCHKINS (50 PCS) - |Giftwala.com - Largest 'Gifts to Pakistan' selection on the net|

So one could simply make a donut dough and cut into small bite sized pieces and fry as a regular donut or one could make a cake donut batter and fry small scoops of the batter. Decorate as desired.
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Ha sorry for no specifying about the munchkins, I assumed that everyone had been to Dunkin Doughnuts. Thanks for the suggestions I'll let you all know how they turn out!
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