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Peri peri recipe

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Hey guys,

I'm having Portuguese friends for dinner soon (not in a Hannibal Lecter way).

Want to do peri peri chicken livers and although the internet gives a few interesting ideas i wondered if anyone had a tried and tested recipe for a rub or mix ?

I'm guessing the key to it must be a good heat (without being too hot) garlic, salt, oil, a piquancy from a vinegar of citrus and something fragrant like thyme or oregano.

Any KNOWN winners greatly appreciated.

(NB - Will be served on garlic rubbed toasted ciabatta, vine cherry tomatoes fried in the remaining peri peri and some good balsamic with basil and rocket.)
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I think you might be the authority on peri-peri here. :)

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Here's a piri-piri chicken recipe I've used in the past. I'm not that much of a fan of A Worrall-Thompson, but this tastes as good as piripiri I've had in Portugal.
BBC - Food - Recipes - Piri-piri chicken
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Thanks Ishbel - tried it by the book and it was really good.

I actually used prawns instead of livers and they worked really well. I used 9 chillies but the recipe says you can go upto 12. The Portuguese said it could take a bit more and I personally would have to agree although it still had a fair kick.

I would definitley recommend it on a slice of toasted ciabatta like I did as I cooked them in butter which soaked in to the bread.
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hi there

With all those years i worked in Portugal as a chef, i usually use lots of garlic, bay leaves , parsley, olive oil , chilies ( if not spicy enough use some hot chili powder), sea salt and paprika.
Use the robot blend it all and you can use for your chicken.:chef:
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