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Trouble with Fudge

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Hi there!
Plz someone help me. I'm in real trouble! :)
I'm a real newbie, but everyone starts somewhere.
I've tried making chocolate fudge multiple times. Never succeeded.
It's always too fluid. Never sets. Like the batch i have right now.
It's on the fridge for like 12 hours. The top hardened a bit, but nit very much, still sticky and wavy upon touch. The stuff underneath is still fluid. I've also found it very thin during the cook time.
I dont know how to fix it. What makes is more thick? Maybe more chocolate? mor sugar?
Read some recipes where it says the fudge has to be beaten.

Here's the recipe. Maybe you can find out what's wrong.

200g/7oz/1 cup sugar
100g/3.5oz milk chocolate chip
100g/3.5oz semi-sweet chocolate chip
~100ml/1/2 cup milk
8 normal sized marshmallow
120g/~1/2 cup/4.2oz butter
couple drops of vanilla extract
~20g/0.7oz cocoa powder

(not really sure wich material is measured in which imperial unit sry)
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Anakin, I moved your question to the pastry forum where it will receive more attention. Good luck with your quest.
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No, I think it has to do with your temp
Someone will respond quickly but you can also search for video on the net on fudge making
I think proper temp is PARAMOUNT in candy making!
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Here are a few tips for making fudge tat I found via google Perfect Fudge - Allrecipes
getting it to temp and ten letting it cool are critical with any sugar based candy.
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all right. its definitely the temp. But somethings just not right. I cooked the fudge for 3 hours in a double boiler. But never reached soft-ball temps. i did the cool water test (saw on videos what to expect) sincs i dont have a thermometer. It was never right. Only thing i achieved i think is that some milk got evaporated so its thicker now, not a liquid anymore.
some more ideas?:)
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A double boiler will never let your temp go past 212 degrees which is the boiling point of water (well if you boil it dry it will :roll:). I have always done it directly over the burner but my cooking techniques are far from textbook:lol:
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i see:) than i know what to do:)
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Sorry I'm late to the party here and I think you're on the right track with the temp being too low, but another thing that can cause you problems is humidity. Fudge usually doesn't do well when it's humid unless you bring the temperature of your mixture up a little higher than the soft-ball stage. And always remember, it's not "failed fudge", it's ice-cream topping!
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In school we used to make fudge a big kettle on a stove we affectionately called "the rocket". Definately get rid of that double boiler!

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid one day, lying in the hospital dying of nothing"
-Redd Foxx

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid one day, lying in the hospital dying of nothing"
-Redd Foxx
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