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Pea vines/pea shoots

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A year ago in a local Chinese restaurant, one of the greens to be cooked in the mizutake pot was "pea vines"- the tender ends of the sweet pea plant! I found a huge bundle of these at the local farmer's market here in Issaquah, WA and bought them for $2/bunch (huge). We blanched them and immediately learned that we should have trimmed out all stems (tough). Is it best to steam them, stir fry quickly in a wok or quickly saute? Flavor was delicious as a side dish to teriyake pork and sticky rice but careful trimming out of all stems is necessary. This green is available only for about ten days in the summer so if you see them now, go for it!

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All of those methods will work, just depends what kind of cooking balance you're looking for, ie. serve something steamed with something fried, or something stewed with something stir-fried, per at least Chinese understandings of food.

Just be quick about it and pay attention, is all, because pea vines are delicate.

Chinese restaurants in Seattle's ID have them on the menu if you want to see how else it's done. Most common is a simple stir fry with a little ginger, garlic, S+WP and stock.

btw - where did you order mizutake? It would have been in a Japanese restaurant, no?

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