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what school to go to??

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Hi there,
I am currently looking to become a Pastry Chef , however I am not sure as to where i should study. I have been thinking of going to Vancouver to study at The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. But im not sure if I should go and study in Europe, I know a education over there will better prepare me for anything, Im just stuck and I do not know where to start looking. If anyone could help me out it would great!

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Hey there vic! i am also interested in studying in the vancouver area, and after weighing several options, I noticed the following:

Vancouver, Canada in general is a lot cheaper than it is anywhere in Europe.
This applies unless you have citizenship of a european country, in which case, the cost would greatly be reduced.

Both Canada and europe are pretty decent places to study. There is no Better or worse.
Consider factors like, cordon bleu, a french (european) based institute has campuses scattered globally, even in canada (ottawa, i believe)
From searching, i notice that it is not easy to find a culinary course offered past a Diploma level, which honestly, IMO is fine for entry level jobs.

In vancouver, check out these too:

northwest culinary academy of vancouver

or, for a public uni (on campus experience and what not, look at
vancouver community college

Hope this info helped you out.

Personally, I am going for the full time, professional culinary arts AND baking courses.

I am leaning strongly towards NWCAV
Costs half of what you get at PICA
and the course outline indicates that the study is more in depth.
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