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I need help

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i didn`t know where to go. Then i found you guys.

I live in almaty, kazakshtan. And i really want to open a brazillian steak house restaurant in traditional style very much. But i cannot find a cook. I need to find a cook preferably brazillian and who knows english. Please let me know how i can find a brazillian bbq grill chef.
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Thats a quite difficult to answer . Portugues is spoken in Brazil , you could try contacting
Associação dos Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal
Mr. Fausto Airoldi
Mr. Carlos Madeira
Vice President & TreasurerAddressContacts
Rua Santa Ana á Lapa, nº 71 C
1200-798 Lisboa
PORTUGAL(T) ++ 351 213622705
(F) ++ 351 213625815

or maybe
Associacao Brasileira Da Alta GastrononiaMr. Jorge Euguenio Monti de Valsassina
President AddressContacts
Rua Jorge Rizzo,
51 CP 05424-060
Sao Paulo Brasil(T) +55 11 3032 99 47
(F) +55 11 3032 97 01

good luck
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poaching one from another restaurant is always an option.
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