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baking stone help

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From the deep recesses of the kitchen cabinet I have excavated my baking stone. It got pushed way in the back when we moved in over a year ago and was subsequently forgotten about. To say that it is on the sullied side is kind. I haven’t used it in a very long time and the “care for” instructions are no where to be found. How do I clean it? I seem to recall that there were some special precautions I was supposed to take, but what they are?????
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This may go against the manufacturers instructions but mine stays in the oven even on the clean cycle. I just brush the top off after it cools with a small paint brush.
I just replaced my cheap round stone tat cracked with a Fibrament. They say to just brush it off (I just looked at the instructions).
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Thanks a bunch, I'll let have a few trips through the oven before I use it again, because it's just gross at this point.:)
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