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Looking for recognition?  

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I have been asked to produce small, (12 to 16 recipes per book) introductory type cookbooks for various ethnic cuisines. These will be receiving national exposure. The ethnic cuisine types that I could use some help with are for the following categories:
Mediterranean & Middle Eastern
Morrocan African
South American
The recipes must be of restaurant quality and simplified to be easily duplicatable with ingredients readily available to the average U.S. home kitchen using a limited selection of spices. The spice selection will be released to the selected participants who will be required to sign a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement.
This project needs to be done on a shoestring budget so there are no big bucks here but there is room for recognition of the chefs or sous-chefs. This could include a bio of sorts and a photo if so desired. In lieu of this a nominal fee can be paid for the recipes.
So, if you have a background or a good knowledge of any of the above categories and are interested in helping with this project drop me a line.
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Correct me if I'm wrong here..

A publisher wants to publish a book in which it's content the publisher has no experience with, it's assumed that the publisher has connections/funding with a N. American spice merchant and/or retail chain so that all ethnic nuances are altered to suit the (perceived) N. American tastes, AND the publisher's first choice is to engage someone who also has no experience with the subject?

Is this project "pro Bono" for you as well?
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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It is difficult for me to reply to your comments with any degree of detail because I am also under the directives of a non-disclosure agreement.
However, I can clarify a few points for you.
You are correct in assuming that my dealings are with a North American spice merchant.

There is no plan to alter the ethnic nuances of the dishes, however what we are focused on is indeed the North American variety of the ethnic dishes. Being a Chef, I’m certain that you are aware that for example, the Chinese food eaten in China bears little to no resemblance to the North American variety. Except perhaps in Vancouver (lucky you) where the best Chinese food in the world can be found due to the immigration of their best Chinese chefs. The Chinese elite and dignitaries don’t miss the opportunity to treat themselves to a Dim Sum lunch at the Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant in the Marine Building near Canada Place. Actually, this pretty much goes for all of the other ethnic groups to be found in Vancouver. For the most part, the quality of the dish and the integrity of it’s ethnic origin is truer in Vancouver than anywhere else that I have ever experienced. From the Vietnamese “dives” along Kingsway to the Thai restaurants in suburbs such as Maple Ridge, by far, this is some of the best ethnic cuisine to be found anywhere in North America. Unfortunately the rest of us aren’t as lucky. That is the raison d’ ệtre of the cookbook that I have been asked to put together.

Regarding my qualifications, perhaps the publisher knows something that you don’t or perhaps it’s a question of whom you know and not what you know. Frankly, it’s a moot point. Though this project may not suit all, as it apparently does not suit your situation, it does however remain a very good opportunity for a Chef or Sous-Chef to gain some acclaim. I suspect that there are some out there who have aspirations of someday publishing their own cookbooks and others who could use an opportunity like this one to liven up a resume.

In closing, I’ll say that the original Latin phrase is actually pro bono publico which translates to mean “for the public good”. So in that context I can answer that I wouldn’t be involved in this project if I didn’t believe that it was for the public good.
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