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Rookie with passion

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Just wanted to say hi. I've been an engineer for 10 years and though cooking has always been a hobby I have to say this is the first time I've actually taken it seriously.
I will be starting my first class in 2 weeks and lets just say the butterflies are definitely flapping strong. I have never stepped foot in a professional kitchen so talk about anxiety when I find out that a few of my classmates have been in the business for quite some time.
So to all of you out there that know what its like, wish me luck.
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Rookiedre, we're glad to have you and you'll be very glad you found us. We have a forum for culinary students, many of whom are "refugees" from other fields who have decided to follow their dreams.

I hope you take a bit of time to explore the articles, blogs, photo gallery and many other features here as well as the discussion forums. The search tool can help you wade through 10 years' worth of information.

How did you get your love of food and cooking? Did a relative or other mentor foster your interest?

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Well, good luck my friend.
I have found, when hiring newbies, that a genuine passion for cooking goes a LONG way to success, even in the absence of previous culinary experience. If you are truly passionate and willing to learn new stuff that is way different from anything else you may already know how to do, I can teach you to do all sorts of confectionery stuff, that is normally thought of as complicated and hard to do.
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It started out as a mere interest when I was 8 (encouraged by my parents) and since then has grown tremendously over time. My family going back to my great grand parents were in the business. At some point in time I made the decision to become an engineer and decided to follow through with it hoping to re-visit cooking if I felt strongly enough about it at a later time in my life. Well at 31 I feel that the time has come. My wife is very supportive and the passion is strong and growing.
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Thanks. I will keep that in mind and might take you up on that in a couple of years
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I too am a Rookie

I just wanted to say that I really admire the way you just put yourself out there as what you are. I too am a rookie and just dropped my plans to follow a safe career in Accounting (which i am very good with) and just follow my dreams and passion in becoming a Pastry Chef and Restaurateur. :chef:

I wish us all tremendous success! Good luck.
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Good luck LeCheri. I am sure that your passion will carry you forward to great things.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success
unexpected in common hours.
- Thoreau
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Thanks Dre! Same to you. :chef:
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