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Boxed or Canned Beef Broth/Stock

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I need some beef broth/stock for a few upcoming dishes, but I've no time to make any. What do you use/recommend in the way of a prepared broth/stock, preferably low sodium. Thanks!

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I like to use the low sodium stuff as well - regrets in my market there's virtually no choice -

4-6 brands / sizes with roughly 1000 mg but only one brand / offering with 440..... Swanson in a poptop can - seems adequate to the task - I have no complaints, nor do rave about it either . . .
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I get the one from the organic aisle, I forget what its called "imagine" foods, when it comes to beef, BUT....for chicken, I try to use the lowest sodium....and well......actually...from what I found..... it is....

rachel ray's is the lowest sodium (by about 100mg), best tasting....
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chicken stock:
rachel rays sodium - 480mg 20%
Imagine Organic - 610mg 25%

rachel ray - 480 20%
Imagine - 630mg 26%

rachel rays ingredients
Concentrated beef stock (contains: beef stock, sea salt, yeast extract), vegetable stock (carrot, celery, onion, leek, natural flavor).

swanson certified organic Sodium 550mg....
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More than Gourmet bases are what I use for beef stock. They sell a beef demi-glace that you thin out to beef stock. Very low sodium, about 30 mg per cup when thinned to the stock level.

Yes, it's not precisely beef stock as demi has some additions, but it's better than anything else I've tried and worth the price imo.

They do sell stocks, but my local vendor doesn't carry that, just the beef and chicken glace.

Checking their store finder, they do list a local Whole Foods besides Orson Gygi where I buy mine. I'll have to see what Whole Foods carries and at what price.
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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I usually start with either Minor or Custom brand base available from most wholesale grocery houses. I add more water then it calls for then add a mirepoix and herbs and then bring to boil and simmer a bit. I find by doing this I get better flavor and less salt content because I added more water.
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I read - I think on this forum - that a frozen demi-glace by Cuispro was really good. It was about $14 for a 1# package.

I've been looking for it ever since, without success. :cry:

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Kitchen Basics is fairly decent. Use it all the time for stuff around the house. It's fat free, and lower in sodium than most but the same as what were mentioned already (480mg per 8oz.)

We typically use it with a boost from Minors (or similar) beef base .
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I make and freeze stock every time I order beef. I have a 15 pound box of bones in the freezer that I need to deal with once it cools down a bit. I freeze it in mason jars that I vacuum seal (foodsaver). Quart, pint and half pint sizes. I have found that it keeps well for up to a year.
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If I'm making something quick and easy I'll use the Kitchen Basics Beef or Chicken stock. The only other store bought stock that I've tried was Wolfgang Puck's, which wasn't nothing to speak of either. I've there's a particular brand that stands out above the crowd I'll certainly give it a try.

For a better meal I'll use homemade stock that's been frozen. Every couple of months I'll either make a big batch of both chicken and beef stock so I've always got it on hand.

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Here, for a boxed broth, Pacific Foods | Organic Chicken Broth comes to the rescue.

I like that it has very low sodium. Recently, however, I purchased some broth from the poultry store. Another good option when making my own is not possible.

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