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Hi all
Is it essential to put potato flour in the mix and did you test your robot machines because I m new in the business and I can not import dry mix to my robot
May someone help me please
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What i have to do to let the mix flow smoothly in the plunger and in the bowl .
Sometimes the mix is sticky what should i do ?
Any help please
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Did anyone find a cake donut recipe where you only need to add water ?



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In your recipe you call for 1 1/2 oz of b soda but in your procedure you say baking powder. Please clarify thank you
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Dear Sean Denny. I have seen this brand use many times in Concession Trailer and have never heard of any complaint's.  Highly Recommended!

Ken Dailey.


"Dawn Majestic Vanilla Cake Donut Mix Stover &"


Great Product Review by Chad (This is not me).


This cake donuts mix delivers a very rich vanilla flavored cake donut when paired with super fry shortening. I use this mix when serving mini donuts from my concession trailer and have never had a single complaint. (Posted on 6/22/14)!


Dawn Majestic Cake Donut Mix - 50 lbs


In stock


Dawn Majestic Vanilla Cake Donut Mix - 50 lbs.

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I dont know if you managed to find a good recipe for making donuts from sratch....


i m pasting one from my culinary course here unde r



Sponge formula

500g    flour

344g    water

30g      yeast


Final dough

950g   flour

624g   eggs

24g     salt

860g   sponge formula

300g   sugar

312g   butter


Do not mix yeast with salt, separate them. 


Let me know if you managed to find a good donut recipe.

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hiya is this recipe for a dried pre mixed batter and do you have the full method please, many thanks.

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I haven't tried this before. Sorry dear. 

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