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I live in South River, NJ. We are considered he "red headed step child" of East Brunswick, NJ. I'm here to set the record straight. We are a culinary mecca. Ok, perhaps I'm over-exaggerating, however, I will tell you that no other town close can top us as far as restaurants and food is concerned.

A little background.
South River, New Jersey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My "background". We are an old town, started out Belorussian back in the day, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Polish. Now, we are a mix of the aforementioned, and Portuguese and Mexican, with some of Brazil thrown in the mix.

For the record, I don't lock my doors. Sure, we aren't are "pretty" as the McMansions in the neighboring towns. But we have soul. (and our taxes are 30% less!) Our main Old School. Police Station/Town hall in the center, Bank, etc.

I'd like to give you a tour. If you have never used google maps. Here is our main around.

08882 - Google Maps

Now, Main St., Obert St. and Ferry St. are "where it's at" restaurant/food wise....poke see how close everything is....but I'm going to give you a tour too.

To give you an idea, here is the area I'm giving you a tour scale.

The red area (and 2 dots) contain pretty much everything I'm going to give you a tour of.

500 ft. x 1000ft Block.

THE WHOLE TOWN IS 2.8 Square Miles....this is a LITTLE section of it.

First, I want to start off with my favorite place, I ate there tonight.

El Tapito

Here is the outside. I have to say that a lot of the places I'm going to tell you about are places that most people would be "afriad" to go in, because they are "different". I'm not.

Here is the menu. click the pictures for a bigger menu

The menu is really just a "suggestion" to just say "can I have a 15$ plate of goodness!" Here are some pictures of the inside.

Ever have mexican (imported) Coca-Cola? Do you like Coca-Cola...if you haven't and you do, you need to. It's better. Why? Here is why...just trust me.
Mexican Coca Cola - Slashfood

The jukebox...plays randomly if no money is inserted....

so...what's a guy to order? I ordered take out...

Chiles Rellenos
Stuffed Poblano Peppers Stuff with Oaxacan cheese in traditional Salsa.........

(sorry for the poor presentation, I did take out, and well..had to run home as it rained)

Ever have a Jalapeno Popper? Multiply it x10 with an orgasm on top.

Oh yeah, and some mexican coke.

Wow exciting huh? since we're in "Mexico" let's go a couple doors down (yes really) to

Sorry for the poor pictures, these are screen prints from Google Maps, as...well....I don't want to be "that guy" taking photos...and when I went to today after El Tapatio, it started pouring! but rest assured, your getting the golden tour!

SO Bravo Supermarket. At first, a couple of years ago, when it arrived, I was upset. Why? Because it used to be a Ben Franklin store....a 5-10 store...that mom used to take me to to get school supplies. (and those little plastic army men). now....they have the best deals on Short Ribs, and anything Mexican. Anything. Maggi? pssh...they have a whole aisle dedicated.

Next on our tour through mexico, We go around the block....I don't have a picture, but it's rather sinage or anything....this is even more of a "wow I'm not going in there" kind of place. Which means it's almost better than El Tapatio (ok maybe it IS better)
here is the menu for La Mixtequita, right around the corner, probably less than 1000 feet from Bravo and El Tapatio.

click it....

Ok, I'll finish up Mexico....but not before I show you some other places....mainly Mexican Grocery stores...(again, I stress...the same 500ft strip)

(we'll get to the polish place next to it when we move to Europe, be patient)

And last stop in Mexico....this one is a little "out of the way" probably....1500ft from Main St.

What country do you want to do next? Portugal? GREAT me too.

First. I must say that we have two of the BEST Portuguese the state. Ria Mar and Portuguese Fisherman.

Let's do Ria Mar first.....this one is on whitehead, about 2000ft from Main street.

Here is the website.
the menu

Now, Ria-Mar has a special place in my family's hearts. It the few places in town that has a LARGE private dining hall......and Pitchers of the best Sangria you will taste. ever. We go to Ria-Mar for birthday and my fathers (day apart)

Ignore my sisters boyfriend. He's a dufus. (notice Sangria Pitchers!)

We also go there after every funeral.
Is to die for.

But...thats not nearly it for Portuguese Cuisine. no no no....we have the other best restaurant. Portuguese Fisherman.
Portuguese Fisherman - 11 Jackson Street, South River, NJ 08882 (tel) 732.238.5188

Sorry for poor picture, I'll find a better one....

Portuguese Fisherman - 11 Jackson Street, South River, NJ 08882 (tel) 732.238.5188
2$ for Caldo Verde amazing.

Hmm what is accross the street from Portugues Fisherman (which is about 800ft from Main St.)

there are also 3, I believe, portuguese meat/supermarkets in the same area, but I couldn't get pictures of them....sorry. I'll update this thread....consider it ongoing as I get better pictures, some food shots, and perhaps some interviews....let's call it....a work in progress.

That Brazilian flag signals us to move ON TO OUR NEXT COUNTRY!!!!!!!

Now...Brazil cuisine is new to South River, but growing everyday.
We now have 3 brazilian restaurants within about 800 feet of each other,
First, let's it the one directly accross the street from El Tapatio.
Brazil Country Restaurant.
No pics of the outside yet...but here is the menu.

BUT...who the heck needs a menu at this can pay by the pound....or just do what I do. "give me 20$ of what is good today!!!"
and this is what I usually get.

the cornmeal/carrots/corn great...

Everything is right off the spit. The nice....BYOB...pretty good atmosphere. As long as football (the REAL football) is not on...then its just a GREAT atmosphere.

Around the corner, on Ferry St. (look at the map people, I can't make this up!) is


Now...this next place, I have mixed feelings about. I don't eat there.

Why? well its not as good as the rest....but also, my grandfather used to own the bar that used to be there some 20 years ago.....Jesse's Tavern.
but here is a pic's called Royal BBQ. This is on Obert St. (look at the map!

As far as Brazil goes...we are pretty much done with Brazil in South River....for now...but there are a few Grocery stores and little stores...if you poke around google maps link I sent you, you'll see them.

Ok, I'm tired of rice....wait...but not yet.....we haven't hit Asia yet!!!!! (I'm saving eastern europe for last fellas...bear with me!) Ok, I admit it...we are a LITTLE weak in the Asian cuisine. BUT, our neighboring town....which is pretty much seems like 90% Asian, has even WORSE places (except for 1, I'll get to that in the wrap up)...believe that?
Here is South Rivers Asian.
We have 2 American Chinese places...1 I pictured above, 2 doors down from El Tapatio. I wont show the menu as it's pretty much standard....

100 feet away is a Thai Place, that

RIver Thai River Thai Cuisine || Home || (p.s. contrary to the website saying its the BEST thai in South River...its the ONLY thai...haha)
BTW - I'm posting these them. or else.

If you go down the block to ferry street/main street intersection at the T is SUn Sun...typical Chinese American.....this is the place you order from when you've got that General Tso's craving...extra MSG please.

I gotta admit...I eat there...but wouldn't want to see the kitchen.

Ok guys...we have a few countries left...Italy (kinda sorta) and Eastern Europe...(I gotta say again....this is ALL pretty much 1 block with the exception of 1 or two places)

I'm going to do Easter Europe, because...well this is what I was brought up on. Kielbasa and Head Cheese and Veal Loaf.....Perogies, Cabbage, Borsht Babka Blintzies.

We have...2-3 Restaurants, about 3 Bakeries and 3-4 South River. Here are a few...

Inside it's like a polish woman's kitchen...cozy....this is actually about 500 feet from my house. Not nearly enough distance to walk off the Perogies and Stuffed Cabbage.

That part of the building on the left...houses a go HERE for everything...if they don't have drive a few thousand feet to Continental.

remember that place I told you about earlier when we were in Mexico? well it's called Kakowiak.
here is the menu, no good pics of outside...but what I'm going to do after this post is search Flickr and the net for some good pics..whatever I can't find...I'll go take.

Click it.

another polish deli. (i was by today, its shut down for renovations...looks like its going to be a polish-hipster coffee shop...and a nice one at that....go figure.)

I have to say that Eastern Europe (I lump them all, because for the most part, they are all lumped together as far as cuisine goes in South River...all came over to the US same time post-war all grew up grandmother can speak Russian, Belorusian, Ukranian, Polish, German, Slovak....

Lastly, we have the "rest" of the this it really worth mentioning?

I'll just post pictures, and maybe a few words...

Ok pizza is worth mentioning..

Has been around forever...right on obert/main. Great around....if you don't want to drive 40 minutes to trenton for Delorenzos.

this is actually a wholesale sausage maker....a few doors down from Coffaros accross from my grandfathers old bar.

Right next to coffaros (about 5 feet...see that allyway, the other wall is coffaros....) if you click the map link above...and "turn around" you'll see these places...all on obert.

new owners...not as good..when riddle and martin owned it....I swear he was the grumpiest dude I've ever seen...couldn't make him crack a smile ever.....ever....

IN CONCLUSION. I hope you enjoyed the little tour.

I left out a lot. I'll add it in....but I just need to get "something" down. Now...I just kept in South River, NJ.....about 2 miles away there is a Hong Kong Supermarket...that is the Mecca of cooking.....pork feet...pig blood, durian, you name it.....about 20 different kinds of mushrooms.....fruits/veggies I never heard/saw before......every part of every animal....every fish.....

I left out.....the little mexican bar..that gives you a shot of tequilia with a tomato-juice(ish) shot called Sangrita (google it)..that....I think I've been the ONLY white person to ever walk in.

I left out.....the Belarusian American center..connected to the Russian Othodox church...that has festivals all the time.....with great food....

I left out my neighbor....who during world cup, never stops BBQing....

I left out house :)

remember......this is all on basically 3 streets.....that have about 500ft stretch each......

Hope you enjoyed

HERE IS A LINK TO ALL MY PICTURES.....additionally....for all those places....i have menu's online.....just click the link