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newbie needs help for promotion

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hi.....im a dishwasher but my boss lets me help out on the line when its busy or filling in for someone or whatever but recently one of the cooks quit and he said he would give me a trial run and maybe hire me as a full time cook....anyway im pretty new to this stuff allthough very passionate about it...so im looking for some advice to help me out?? what are some rookie mistakes to avoid?? or what can i do to make it look good??
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The culinary field is actually not all that hard to move up in. Well, to a certain extent. Just go in to work relaxed and focused. Always show up in time, in proper uniform and ready to go. Always ask questions, don't tell the man you know something if you don't actually know it. Learn things on your own time, visit the library, look at some cook books. Always keep your hands busy, if there is some down time, grab a broom or ask what you can do for the next day. But....don't forget that the chef is usually pretty busy, so ask your co-workers questions too, help them out. Your chef already knows what your skill level and experience is, don't try to trick him into thinking you know more than you actually do, just try to get better.

Best of luck, though you don't really need it
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Talk to the cooks as well as the chefs.

The Chef likes to see someone energetic and willing to learn, but it is your fellow cooks that you will be working with constantly and getting their support will only help. You might learn a couple of things watching them work also. Ask questions.

One day my dishwasher stood next to me while I was preparing salads for a wedding. He helped me wash the lettuce and I showed him how to safely hold a knife and he helped with basic salad veggies (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, etc.). This kept going on every time I worked with him, and when a prep position opened up, I recommended him for the job to my Chef.
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thats great you recomended him....did he get the job? what happened??
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Sorry to kept you in suspense, yes he got the job and did extremely well at it. Moved from salads to cold apps, to hot apps, to helping plate entrees for banquets.

He actually no longer works for us though, because the Sous Chef that promoted him moved over to a country club and took him with.
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keep ur eyes open for everything, keep ur mind open for learning and pay close attention to details.. do things cause u wanna do em', not because u have to... always ask questions.... and always carry a small notebook for stuffs...
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thanks....great advice and its been working out good so far...today was crazy busy and everything was right except i messed up 1 salad, luckily the next order got it lol....got a note book too so far i just copied the old cooks recipies.........the thing about this place though theres alot of down time, some nights theres only 1 or 2 tables the food is pricey though....do anyof u guys work in a place like that? that serves stuff like kobe beef and truffles and like imported cheeses? anytips on that kinda stuff
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