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Have two weeks off....fiance and I packed up the car and are heading to West by god Virginia tomorrow AM to "get away" for about 5 days or so....camping. white water rafting, etc.

I packed a hibachi (propane, sorry) and my small all-clad sauce pan, and a small non-stick skillet.....and packed a cooler with some goodies (jersey corn in WV....mmm, some chicken, some hamburgers, hot dogs, eggs, bacon, sausage, a bunch of veggies/onions/potatoes...I'll pick up a steak or two when I get down there....) so rest assured I'll have some "food" pictures from the camp site. :D

No cast iron over the wood fire or anything special like that, but.....we got some smore making ingredients.....

headed to Elkins area for a little while (laurel fork wilderness area) then some other place fiance likes to go about 2.5 hours away to go rafting...

check back when I get "plugged in"