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My niece brought me some Jaune Pectin from Paris.


I am wondering if you can share your recipe. I tried three from Notter's book but they don't come out too my liking.


I know this is an old post but maybe you still connect.





When you say the fruit jellies dont come out to your liking, what do you mean? Is it a texture you dont like, or are they not setting up?

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I am actually in Mexico City (7,300 Feet). The first time I made strawberry PDF with Notter's recipe. I bought the pectine I used at Euro Bakery which only sell professional use products. I bought more pectine from the same source two more times. However, the results with passion fruit and raspberry were not the same. I did make the required temperature adjustments for my altitude. I used Patis France fruit purees in all my attempts. No matter what the results were not too appealing. I don't know if my altitude/temp calculations were off (but again, they worked the first time) or from all the reading I've done lately I am seeing a lot of issues with pectine. Now that I have this Jaune pectin I want to try again but if there is another recipe I can try I would like to do that in order to isolate the issue further. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

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Sorry. What I mean is that it is not setting right and when I try to cut it its texture is more pasty than firm. One of the batches stayed that way even after days in the fridge.


I also should have mentioned that one of the batches was a 50/50 mix of passion fruit puree and strawberry puree. I don't know if that type of mix requires a recalculation of temperatures or added pectin. Just a thought.


Thanks very much for helping me.

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I am a home cook who occasionally like to make some special treats. I just found this group and greatly enjoy reading this thread. I would love to get help trouble-shooting my first batch pate de fruits with apple, which did not turn out so well.


The texture was more like dense apple sauce: it has no chewiness and when I roll in sugar, it turns into puddle of liquid within minutes. Even when I added cornstarch to the sugar to dust it, it still turned to puddles, but did last a few hours longer.


I used Sure-Jell  and lemon juice as the recipe called for.  A friend told an identical story with a different recipe using different fruits. It seems like not all the recipes out there work. Reading the postings here I am wondering if tartaric acid should have been used instead of lemon juice, or perhaps the recipe didn't call for enough lemon juice.


My recipe called for the mixture to be boiled to 225 degrees but I couldn't reach that. I boiled it for 45 minutes and it was at 220 degrees. If I boiled longer, would it have reached the desired temperature? or do I need to use a thicker pot? I used a multi-ply stainless steel pot.


Would liquid pectin have made a difference?

Would tartaric acide have made a difference? 

Would all pate de fruits that are rolled in sugar eventually have the sugar turn into puddles without some special dehydration process?

Will leaving the past in room temperature for a few days first help with the sugar coating issue? 


Thank you!

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