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Number 5?!!

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I just have to brag!!

Did anyone see the latest issue of "Gourmet" magazine? It lists the "top 50 restaraunts in America" One of my faves is listed as number 5.

Highlands Bar and Grill, Birmingham AL

This is really sumthin' All of the top 10 are from NY or CA exept for one from Chicago and one from ALABAMA? WOW.

Im so thrilled for Frank Stitt and once again proud of this wonderful city!

Anyone else ever been to any of the top ones listed?


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We have La Reve here on the San Antonio Riverwalk -- in the top fifty somewhere (I can't find the article now...) Excellent restaurant featuring multi-course creations, the traditional cheese course (which more places should offer). A very slow dining experience -- just 2 seatings a night.

Unique menu for the San Antonio area.
Sweet Dreams!!
Sweet Dreams!!
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