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My goal by the next spring/summer tourist season is to be a sous chef or kitchen manager. I'm at a new point in my restaurant career and here is where the fork in the road comes in. I'm currently a co-manager at the highest volume/profit sales restaurant in our 80 store franchise (and the owner of this huge franchise lives in this town and visits the store regularly). I've recently had an offer to work at this towns most popular restaurant of whom are winners of the James Beard award amongst others several years in a row running, but the job is working on the line...With one of the towns most respected chefs.

Dont get me wrong I love line work, some days I think I'd prefer it over working through my employees (I suppose its me being a new manager still, and the frustrations of figuring out how to get said employee to do said task)

Anyways who to go with? Stick with being a restaurant manager at this towns oldest franchise restaurant whos owner has a established reputation in the community, or learning how to cook better with one of the towns premier chefs?

My 2 cents. So far the answer for myself would be to stay being a kitchen manager and supplement that with learning more cooking skills at home, but I'm not sure that other chefs would respect me much if I learned most of my cooking skills outside of a full service restaurant kitchen.

Your questions or input?