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I have read many suggestions of using playdough for poured sugar shaping and am going to give it a try. But most of the posts I have read are not specifically saying if store bought "Playdoh" is okay to use, or if I should use a recipe for homemade playdough instead. If it is the homemade kind, does anyone have a recipe they wouldn't mind sharing that has worked for them before? I have a few recipes that I found online, but I am not sure if there some specific ingredient that is best to have in the recipe.

Also, when I place the playdough on my Silpat mat, do I need to 'firmly' press it down onto the mat much, or is the sugar thick enough to not spill out beneath the playdough if I just lightly press it as I am shaping it. I hope that made some sense. :)

I know there are other options, but I can make homemade playdough with the ingredients in my kitchen already and would like to do that instead of paying for something like plasticine if possible.