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Does anything stop...

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Just wondering if anything stops the AntiVirus 2009 pop-up??? Other than maybe putting a deer slug through the computer and dumping it in the trash :crazy:
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Turn off system restore, reboot, virus scan, scan with SpyBot, remove any infected files etc. Reboot again and turn system restore back on. Yes I am a computer geek :lol:
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Buy a Mac.
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I had that one a few weeks ago. I ran a bootscan with Avast Antivirus (free for personal use on their website) and also ran a Spybot scan. I'm thinking we hadn't gotten the correct updates the first few times we scanned because one scan wasn't enough to get this thing out of our system. Finally, when new updates came out, we got rid of it.

Good luck! That thing is annoying!
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