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Any vegetarian chefs

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Hi everyone,
I'm wondering if there are any professional vegetarian/health food chefs here. If so, could you please write a bit about your experience with this? Anything you'd like to share would be really helpful. Where did you go to school, and were there many challenges entangled with being a vegetarian chef (or did you go to a veg. school)? Where do you work now?
Thaaaaanks! :bounce:
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Now i ain't a fully qualified Chef, not yet anyways. Saying that know I was a veggie. for 15 years (16 now). I coped ok with it, sure i got some stick from other chefs though I was expecting when I did work experience. I did cook and handle eat and fish though when it came to tasting it i got a colleague(sic) to taste it and see if i need to cook it longer/season it etc fortunately.
Now I still am part-veggie./part carnivore (mother is also veggie while stepdad isn't) I can understand why people choose are though (ie the way they get killed for the food) so I won't give a person a hard time over it. :bounce: hope that clears various questions you asked.
"Heaven sends us good meat, but the Devil sends us cooks.” - David Garrick (1717-1779).
"Heaven sends us good meat, but the Devil sends us cooks.” - David Garrick (1717-1779).
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interesting read about a veg chef Conscious Choice: The Making of a Vegetarian Chef

Personally I think it would be hard to reach chef hood by being a veggie its kind of like being a fur coat designer but being a member of PETA at the same time :D. But nothings impossible you could also be a personal chef or private chef that offers veggie services to people that want to eat that way. Its also hip to be a vegetarian in the celebrity world now who knows you could become a private chef to Pamala Anderson since shes a hardcore vegetarian so theres always ways around things. Now if you start to work in a restaurant and the chef ask you to butterfly some chicken breast and you do not want to do it beacuse it feels icky wellll then good luck lol.
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i don't mind cooking some meat here and there. i just want my training to be predominantly vegetarian. also, i see that vegetarian/vegan restaurants are on the rise...:bounce:
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The demand for vegetarian options has definitely increased in the last few years and there are more and more vegetarian restaurants opening up.

I am a carnivore, big time. That being said, I have a pretty good handle on vegetarian/healthy cooking.

I get most of my inspiration from Japanese, Korean and Chinese cooking. Asia in general is a good source for vegetarian food ideas (India in particular). I also get many ideas from Mexican cuisine.

As far as getting work, I would think it would be tough to be a strict vegetarian. If I had a choice between you and someone equally qualified who was not vegetarian, the other person would get the nod.I expect people to taste what they are cooking, and if you won't taste something that has meat in it (sauce, stock, etc) and constantly asking someone else, you probably would not last long in my kitchen.
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i would think it would be very hard to be a vegtiarian chef, some places other than all vegitarian places to look at are spa's since there food will probaly be on the more healthy side of things.
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