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Le Coq au Vin in Orlando

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Everytime I'm in Orlando I eat at this place. The food is traditional bistro stuff like Cassoulet, Choucroute Alsacienne, Braised Sweetbreads (order ahead if you want this for lunch), souffles, Chicken Liver Mousse, etc. Wine list is not fantastic but perfect for the place.

Why can't more restaurants be like that? The food is just awesome and yet cheaper than your average Lone Star Steakhouse. Service is very good but unpretentious and the place is nice and clean. Who could ask for anything more?

If you're ever in Orlando you need to eat here. If you're ever in there on a weeknight try yelling CHEF! and see how many people turn around. :) In my room was the chef from the German restaurant down the street and the sushi chef from a downtown Japanese restaurant. Such a nice place... ahh.

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Bump for momoreg, can't help you about Denver though.
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Thanks, Kuan!!!

I'll check it out. :lips:
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Thank you Kuan, we took your recommendation, and tried this place. It did not disappoint. I was surprised how far off the beaten path it was. We brought out 2 1/2 yr-old, and our experience suffered as a result, but the food was very good--I ended up eating an all-vegetarian meal, where the main attraction was a quinoa and lentil pudding, surrounded by 5 or 6 piles of vegetables: creamed potatoes, buttered carrots, haricots, etc. I could've been more adventurous, but that's what I wanted. My husband was happy with his steak, and my father seemed pleased with his duck. All in all, a decent meal, which I know isn't all that common in that area. Did I say that? :suprise:
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Kuan and Momoreg,

First I have always loved this place but lost track of it when it moved from it's original location and I spent a lot of time out of the area, So Kuan great recommendation and momoreg thanks for confirming its still here in 2005.

Secondly, so many people come to central florida and can only find the restaurants around International Drive, Disney and other tourist trap areas. It's a shame since there are some real jewels.

If Road Kill Cafe were still operating I'd blow the minds of some serious and experienced gastronomes on this board but alas they are no more. And, don't worry about the name, there was no roadkill in sight just an inside joke that proved to be correct, they couldn't scare people away they were so good.

In any case, when in Orlando try Le Coq au Vin first but on a second night find yourself in downtown College Park, it has become a culinary corner in central florida and offers Taste, K's Kitchen, Julianna's Bistro, Babbos', The Tea Room and one or two other smaller treats. Come early it's a quaint neighborhood area with sidewalk dining that closes earlier than more uran areas.

In any case, Please do us all a favor and enjoy the parks but enjoy the serious restaurants the area has to offer, as hard as they are to find in all the Flak that's thrown up by the Tourist Industry. It's not all hot-dogs and cotton candy and the hard-working folks deserve a chance for the serious recognition they deserve.
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