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acrylic molds

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I've searched the internet for hours looking for acrylic chocolate box molds. can any of you point me in the right directio for finding some? I need them by the middle of October. Thanks for any and all help.
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Chef Rubber*::*Chocolate Supplies*::*Chocolate Molds- Professional Polycarbonate*::*Bon Bon Molds

is this what you are looking for?
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After a quick search, I didn’t see a chocolate box mold on their web site. But Chocolat-Chocolat , located in Canada (which is relevant because of shipping cost), and has a bunch more stuff in their warehouse than they have on the web. I have ordered from them several times and really like their customer service. You can actually get a human being on the phone when you call them. Perhaps you might call and see if they can locate what you are looking for.

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