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So the wifey turns 25 in a week or so and instead of a gift, she wants a get together at the apartment. It's only gonna be about 10 of us and I'm wanting to make her something nice. Not wanting it to be too time consuming or overly expensive but wanting it to look real nice, and definately served buffet style.

BBQ Brisket Ravioli
-brisket is rubbed and slow roasted for about a day then some of it is pureed with bbq (probably just store bought) a little egg for binder and rolled into raviolis
??What kind of sauce should I use, I dont want a BBQ, i think it would taste a little heavy??

Vegetable "Fettucine"
-Carrots, Daikon, Zucchini and squash all sliced real thin long ways on the mandoline steamed and chilled for just a minute then tossed with a simple vinaigrette and garnished with brunoise bell peppers
??What other veggies would be good in there, what sort of vinaigrette, any thing else to make it look better??

Shrimp Tacos with pimiento/avocado aioli and fruit salsa
-Small flour tortillas with 41/50 shrimp
??Need help with this one, just does'nt seem all that nice, any other ideas, wanting to keep it seafood of some sort without going broke??