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The ENT thinks it was a combo but likely allergic reaction to the herb or thermal damage. Once in a while I can smell oranges from several feet away and same for a coffee but the next day back to the "new normal".
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 I'm in this nightmare for 14 weeks's too early to tell but I came up with many recovery stories which thankfully gives hope... as I read smelling at least something in the beginning is significant. And the fluctuations you mention are the worst. Mine is even worse;  in the middle of the night I wake up with a perfect sense of smell but in the morning its gone. Do you have parosmia or phantom smells? This is a crazy waiting game....

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When I returned to work everything smelled like dust. Unfortunately as it turned out it wasn't anything other than the absence of other smells which I was used to in my office. I put a Glade air "freshener" in there which is a strong smell that I can sense. It helped. Seval: Over time I find I have forgotten what trees, flowers, grass etc smell like but it is a bit disconcerting that when going for a walk in the woods that I can only smell car exhaust far away so that is what fresh air means to me now. You will eventually be ok I believe. Recovery from virus induced smell loss is quite good. If you can smell as you mention at times your olfactory pathway to the brain to still ok. Since the nerve cells regenerate the question is can they find their way back to the pathway again. With a virus often that is doable since the gap to cross is relatively small. This is what I have read. For me the loss of sensory non-olfactory nerves is even worse since I cannot feel my nose, sense moisture etc. Imagine breathing through a thin straw. Take heart - I have read a great deal on smell loss and listened to my ENTs and your chances are good. I am assuming you are a non-smoker. If you do smoke you need to quit right away. I was a smoker and this was the first thing my ENT told me.
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Hi to all.

Just want to share my experience with this thread.

First or all, i am not a medic neither affiliated with any medical institution.

My name is Ricardo i am from portugal male xD.

Never had any serious disease just the normal cold/flu once per year dez ~fev range.

Now this year was very dif from others because i had two cold or flu strikes;

The first came on dec 16, runny eyes, stuffed nose the usual, but it cured itself  within 2 days.

Now last sunday 26/02/2017, i waked with minor headache, runny nose, and throat pain(could not swallow), but no fever, and smell/taste was gonne.

Well, every year this happens, but this time, as we speak on the 4th day, throat pain is gone, headache went away on first day.

But when i did wake the smell was not there, only after a hour or so it did came but still very weak(i would say 15%).

Now i do not know if it is because the infection is still on, (i do now that my nose does not expelling mucus, but i fell there is something stuffing inside).

Any thoughts?


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Sorry about the long delay (understatement I know) I just found your question.

By now I hope you have recovered your sense of smell.

To answer your question ( probably more for the sake of others due to the delay) my sense of smell had come back noticeably but not 100% completely at first. I remember using my essential oils as a testing ground for improvement. I would constantly test myself daily (without looking at the labels) to see how accurate my sense was becoming. I would write what I thought the oil fragrance I sniffed was and at the end of the test I would see how many I got right. I had good days and bad days but I knew that I was improving. This kept me positive. Several months later I started to smell smoke again and the distorted smell came back much to my dismay, but this was short lived. I still have sinus issues but my sense of smell is back.

Sorry again for the delay and I hope this helps someone.

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Hi, no problem, i do thank you for your answer.

I my case, as it is today 02/03/2017, it did improve alot, because i can smell much more far away from the nose tip, but it seems to me in my case and probaly in others, the problem is blocked nasal passages due to inflamation, because there are brief moments that i can smell much better, when i clear my throat/nose.

From everything i read, and believe me, it was alot, when you have a damage that big on endings you cannot smell anything, zero.

In my case, i am still curing a common cold(not flu because i did not have the fever), this is the 5th day its very likely that the nasal passages are sllowen(i know they are blocked, i can breath good, but the noise outch).

My taste is now 99% recovered, smell is improving, BUT smelling in open spaces still not the same, but close range is improving.

From what i read, the olfactory epithelium do regenerate, from URI only.

This is a light of hope.

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