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It'll be 2 years in two months... no, mine didn't... read my earlier post to see everything I tried.. Since I posted last I've been to more doc's and all say the same thing... It might come back on it's own.... it might not.. Important thing is you saw a doc. TAKE THE MEDS YOU ARE PRESCRIBED!!! Your sinus is inflamed and it may ot may not have caused damage... the damage may or may not be permanent.. Time will tell... it sucks.. I know... but you can only control so much.. Good luck
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Acupuncture can help asnomics.

Gebe Gott uns allen, uns Trinkern, einen so leichten und so schönen Tod! Joseph Roth.
Gebe Gott uns allen, uns Trinkern, einen so leichten und so schönen Tod! Joseph Roth.
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i cant smell anithing since i was small whats wrong with me can anybody help me
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Go to a doctor... Go to a doctor... GO TO A FREAKING DOCTOR..
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Originally Posted by French Fries View Post

Thanks - and I agree, it is insanely crazy. I would have never imagined that was possible to just lose a sense like that because of a stupid virus. I'm soooo glad it's coming back but still concerned: is it going to come back 100% and reliably, forever?

I hope so. I'll update this thread, hopefully in a short time, hopefully with some great news! :chef:

Well it's been a while... but in my case I'm happy to say that my sense of smell has returned 100%. That was one of the scariest episodes of my life, but now all is well. I also wanted to post this in support of everyone who reports going through the same loss of smell I did... all I can hope for you guys is that the same thing will happened to you and your sense of smell will return 100%!!


Hang in there guys. 

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Glad to hear you are OK.  A number of years ago I took a blood pressure medication that was a Calcium Channel blocker and it wiped out my sense of taste.  I couldn't tell the difference between salt and sugar.  Within a week of changing to another med, I was back to normal.

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my nose keep on running whole year whats wrong with my nose and i cant smell anithing too help me
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Cgangbang.. you are either trolling trying to get responses and a rise out of ppl.. or you are not very bright... or both.

Go see a doctor.. People on this thread are looking for information or trying to see what others have done about their loss of smell. If your nose is constantly running and you haven't been able to smell for a year, you need to see a doctor.
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thanks i will go to doctor but im afraid about result
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Originally Posted by cgangbang View Post

thanks i will go to doctor but im afraid about result

See a doctor, the results may not be as bad as you fear.

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Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
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Don't laugh: my grandmother used to take extra Vitamin C -- maybe 5000 mg a day, equal amount of Vitamin E, half that amount of D Vitamin. When she suspected it might be also flu or cold, sinusitis she ate chicken soup, sometimes just the broth, at least once a day. Chicken broth makes your nose run: helps break up congestion. It worked for her and there are plenty of testimonials for these 'cures'. She also drank mulled wine or a hot toddy when she knew it was a cold.

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Originally Posted by French Fries View Post

I wanted to update this thread with some great news. It took a little over a year, but I feel like I've almost completely recovered my sense of smell! What a PLEASURE to be able to come home and smell the food my wife has prepared! Or even go to a nice restaurant and be able to smell the food they bring me!!

I say almost because sometimes I have trouble identifying smells. It feels like certain unrelated things have the same smell to me.

But I'm at a point where I don't really remember how acute my sense of smell was before that incident, so can't compare. So pretty much 100% recovery.

Wow. What a (bad) trip.

That's really good to hear. My friend lost her sense of smell working in Chemistry labs and a reagent she was working with had that effect. Unlike your case, hers will not be returning. It can be more traumatizing than people think. We should take a moment of every day and thank our lucky stars that we can see, feel, taste, hear and smell!

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Hi French fries your story has given me lot of inspirations. However my situation is not so worse. I had a cold last week and after the 5th day my sense of smell was gone totally. My cold is now gone but my smell has not returned back completly. By not completly I mean it comes back intermittently at 30 % strength and then it is gone again. Does anyone in the forum encoutered a similar situation and can anyone tell me when it will return to normal. In the meantime I have tried steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil and also tried netty pot with saline water. Just started it yesterday. It looks like its kind of working but not 100 % sure as of yet. Will keep posted once I get my smell senses back to normal. Its crazy feeling not to smell and eat. Not fun at all and driving me crazy.
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Further to update my situation I was told to irrigate the nose with saline water. I used neti pot available in the market ( pretty easy to use) . Found it very helpful. Although not completely recovered I would say I have recovered to 60 - 70 % . But definetly getting beetter. I have also used steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil. Proved to be effective also.Feeling of not able to smell can drive you insane. I was really lucky to get it back. It is so good to smell your morning coffee versus my 3 days of drinking bitter sweet hot water (Coffee tasted like that) .
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Tackle box went through your case .

You had day quill during your cold before you lost your senses of smell.

The first time I took the day & night quill 4 weeks back when I had a cold I lost the senses of smell for a day. But I did not pay much attention as it bounced back the next day . This time I took day quill and night quill 5 days consequetively when I had cold and I lost my senses of smell for 3 days totally. No smell at all. I have it back up partially but still not fully recovered. It goes up and down still now. I am just wondering if Day & night quill have someting to do with damaging the smell senses on certain people. Not a conclusion but just wondering as this was the first time I used day & night quill & both occassions I had lost the smell senses which never happened to me the other thousand times that I had cold, some of them very severe too. Any comments or feedback will be appreciated.
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Hi Ritu,

Did you get your senses back. If so how long before you got back 100 % of youe senses.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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@worried it's hard to tell wether your situation is similar to mine or not. All I can do is wish you a lot of patience, you'll need it  - although apparently you may need less patience than I did. Good for you. I wish you a prompt recovery. Please update this thread with your progress! The good news with partial recovery is that it indicates that the problem is in your nose, not in your brain. And that in itself should already be a HUGE relief. 

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Hi FF , Thanks for your good wishes today . I have gained almost 80- 90% of my smell senses. At 12:00 noon today I suddenly started smelling lots of things around me which was huge relief. I can smell food quite well but some things don't smell as sharp as it used to be. That is why I said 80- 90% . It still goes up and down but now I can smell and it does not go to zero anymore. Hope fully it will stabilize and return 100 % soon.   What a relief & all my sympathies to people who are not yet in this stage. I know now what they are going through.

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I remember experiencing pretty much what you just described as my sense of smell was coming back. It didn't occur overnight, that's for sure. At some point I didn't really know wether or not I'd reached 100% again (how can you be sure?) - but then when I realized that it no longer was a handicap and that I could pretty much smell anything (even stuff that some of my friends or family hadn't detected) I realized I was back at 100%. In fact I feel like my sense of smell is now stronger, probably because for that period of my life I've had to put a lot of effort into trying to identify smells, which I'd never done before. I mean part of it is your nerve endings, and their ability to sense things, and part of it is your brain and its ability to do something with the information the nerves are relaying onto it. I don't think my nerve ending are better than they were before, but my brain certainly did improve a lot in that area. 


Anyway good to hear that it's coming back for you too. I know the worry it can cause, and the relief you can get from smelling things again. I'll always remember the first time I identified the smell of jasmin flowers (after my incident) while having a walk in the neighborhood. Priceless.

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Hi FF , Thanks for sharing your experience. Went to Tim hortons and had French vanilla . Cant express the excitement and good feeling of smelling and sipping it. I can smell food but I am still missing the aroma and smell that you get while you are eating it. However the good news is I can smell the food separately. Just praying everything becomes normal as before jusy like you.
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We smell through our nose holes, but also through the hold at the back of our palate when the food is in your mouth. Maybe that's where the issue lies for you? Here's a link that may interest you...




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Hi FF , Thanks for sharing the article. For the past few days I am able to smell and taste the food for the first few minutes but then it goes back and limits to the nose smell only. I am having a feeling it is improving on daily badis. Like you said need a lot of patience

Also once a while (Not all the time) if I smell something strong like strong cooking smell it keeps lingering in my memory and I keep getting the smell even after it has gone. Did this happen to you?
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Hi FF & other people on this thread,

Thought I should update the thread . Just wanted to share the good news & I am confident to say that I have regained my senses 100 % to normal. Just wanted to share the phases & symtoms i went throgh and the remedies that I took :

April 12, 2014 - Had the first cold.
April 13- 18 2014 - Took Tylenol day / Tylenol Night for 5 days. Reduced the fever but still not feeling OK.
April 18, 2014 - Cold became severe with lots of sneezing.
April 19, 2014 - Completely lost the smell. Could not smell anything at all. Food was tasteless.
April 22, 2014 - Could smell 2-5% of things intermittently. Most of the time gone. Food was tasteless.
April 22 - 27, 2014 - Smell improved to 50%. Sometimes gone completely. Could smell the food partially while eating.
April 28- May 8, 2013 - New symptom of retaining smell which was not existing. Phantom smell of Cigarette or smoke all the time while you are awake. Had a great difficulty in sleeping . Everything was smelling of smoke.
May 9, 2014 - Had a second round of cold and blocked my nose completely. Sense of smell gone completely again.
May 9 - 28, 2014 - Slow recovery of the smell to 70%. Sometimes smell is reduced to 10-20% but this time does not go down to zero. Also cannot smell the food while eating .Food is still tasteless.
May 29, 2014- Almost recovered but one side of the nose is constantly blocked. No mucus and can't breathe properly. Sense of smell returns to almost 70%. Also can taste the food to 50% extent, almost all the time.
May 28 - June 5, 2104, Took Advil Cold & Sinus for 4 days 3 tablets a day. This was breaker for the episode . As of today the sense of smell is 100% normal and the blocked nose is completely gone. Should have taken this before.

Remedies taken in between which helped :

Took steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil for 1/2 hour helped to regain the smell senses but never removed the blockage .
Tried Neti pot a few times, did not do much for me . Although the doctor recommended it highly.
Finally took medications as per the advise of Doctor. - Advil Cold & sinus available over the counter. Took 3 tablets each day for the first 3 days and 2 tablets on the 4th day. This was the breaker for this episode and cleared up everything .

Thanks for all the info on this thread & hope someone gets helped with my remedial measures. This will be my last post in this thread.
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Since this is 6months old, i dont know if people are going to reply.

On january 9th i lost my sense of smell and taste, and went to the ER, because of possible brain, injury, completely waste of 5hrs there.

One month before all this happen i had particular severe cold, which i was cough for at least a week, but i did not detect any loss of smell and taste. Other medications i took around the same time, were antihistamines: diphenhydramine had the greatest effect. On jan 8th, i decided to take "daytime non-drowsy pill", which had dextromorphan,acetomeniphen, phenyleprine, and another generic brand of diphenhydramine. While i was feeling the effects, which i thought it was unsually sedating me, i noticed my loss of smell and taste, i checked by eating a raisin bread, no taste.

Furthermore i also had some neurological issue, neuropathy pins and needles on left side, loss of sensations in my organs, barely could feel it.

throughout the follow weeks, i had constant pins and needles and loss of sensation.

I notice that some of you took anti-histamines, which can dry out the nose, and the 1st generation antihistamines, can actually shut down the mucus producing, i wonder if this would be the cause.

could loss of smell and taste, and loss of sensation be related to the cold, i am aware other diseases like autoimmune and injuries can cause it, but i cannot find any correlation

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Originally Posted by French Fries View Post

Thanks! I finally found some hope in the form of a website (MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Smell - impaired) that states:
Btw, did you take zinc supplements? Wondering if that helped any..
For loss of smell caused by a recent viral upper respiratory infection, be patient. The symptoms return to normal without treatment. Sometimes zinc supplements are recommended.

Let's hope that's all it is. It's really, really weird not smelling anything at all.
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Originally Posted by mrahim View Post

FF I am wondering did you look into the smell and taste clinic in DC? Or otherwise consult anyone in the year it took to recover? Also how long did you suffer from your phantom smell or unusual sense of smell before your smell started correcting itself. From what I am noticing in the Internet.. This is a precursor for the sense to come back.
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Originally Posted by sageperry View Post

I am so scared this is happening to me, did your smell ever come back?
Sage perry did yours come back? I am in the same position right now. Hoping to hear some good news.
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Originally Posted by ritujo View Post

Hi there,

Last week I had this severe cold and I also lost my sense of smell.I called my doctor to enquire abt it, he said it will take 3-6 weeks to get it back.It sounded very depressing to me.Bec I have had cold even before so many times, I had never lost my sense of smell.Then why this time?

Oh Gosh, can you please suggest me what did you use to get your sense of smell back.I am feeling very uneasy and scared.


Did yours return? The docs are saying the same thing to me. But all the stuff that I am reading online is scaring me.
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maybe it will be ok days later . 

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Originally Posted by c2sbi View Post

French Fries (and to those following the thread),

Like you, it has taken me around a year to feel  like  things are going to be alright again in the SMELL department!!!  I am so rapped that the smell distortion is finally disipating and I am once again capable of smelling the fragances of more delicate aromas. (However, sometimes I ask myself whether I smelt something 100%  correctly like I had once before the virus) .

As I said in my last posts, I was really concerned that my sense of smell  would never come back. I was so knocked around by this condition that I believe I suffered a bout of depression!!!

That said, I felt it my duty to update the thread (as you did)  and to give hope to those people experiencing "the bad trip"  that we had  endevoured!

Thanks for the support...


He Steve when your smell started to come back was the recover choppy or linear. As in did you one dat smell something and the next day weren't able to?
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